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  1. Good info here. Just to confirm, can the 2010 updated sat nav allow ipod/iphone integration where you can change tracks on the sat nav screen?
  2. Speaking of very poor dealers avoid West Way Manchester and a salesman called Darren! Absolutely useless and I know what you mean about dealers not returning phonecalls. Having said that my local Yeomans dealer in Worthing West Sussex has been excellent with my old 350z.
  3. My car is now sold I'm afraid Thanks for the interest though.
  4. Nice car. I've personally also seriously considered the Cayman S for the future but have read a few issues of the ominous "RMS" issue (rear mount shield which can result in engine failure) which is normally associated with the 996/997 (yes even 997 models) "911" Porsches but after reading many many Porsche forums it appears that the RMS issue also affects the Cayman lumps and also Boxter. It's not such a bad thing as long as you keep an eye out for any oil leaks and also get a warranty - please ensure you get a full extended warranty (pricey but worth it which is what I would do if I get a Cayman) - absolute must according to all Porsche owners for peace of mind. The only Porsche model which appears to have been un-affected by the issue is the pricey GT3 which instead of using a semi-dry sump uses a fully dry sump. Aside from this issue it's one of the best handling and performing cars out there. Performance wise I don't personally think there is much in it (the earlier 350z did have more torque than the 2006 revup 350z) after having kept up with an "S" really going for it but the interior quality is second to none in the Porsche and handling and steering feedback very good. Good luck with your new purchase.. very jealous.
  5. Thanks guys for your help confirming that. Neilp, I'm afraid I was after a quick sale otherwise I would have taken you up on your offer. Although I've had quite a few other offers too. Thanks though.
  6. Hi It's with regret I'm selling my car tomorrow (if all goes well) to a motor trader. Just a quick question about what they fill in and keep on the V5 document. Am I right in saying they will only fill in the "yellow" section ("9 Notification of sale/transfer to the motor trade") with their name and address, which only I (definitely not them) send off to the dvla? Is the yellow Section 9 the only part I keep and send off to the dvla? Does the motor trader keep the rest of the whole v5 document (the back of the v5 doc seems to suggest if I sell my vehicle to a motor trader I only keep the small yellow bit and give the motor trader the rest of the "certificate" which I assume is the rest of the v5 document)? Thanks for any help. Matt
  7. Thanks guys for the support. I am really going to miss this car. Price is now reduced to £12695. If anyone wants to make me an offer please PM me or email me on matt76_3@yahoo.com.
  8. Thanks guys. Appreciate it . Spent most of Sat afternoon cleaning it (trying to avoid the rain which thankfully never came) before it got dark. Camera ran out of memory (just at the right time) so had to take the interior photos with my phone. Was a race against time lol as it was getting dark. I managed to put a coat of wax on it yesterday Sunday. Any visits welcome. I work in Brighton so if anyone can't make the weekends you're welcome to come to my work location to view it and test drive it. I'm really going to miss it. The Nismo is going to be dearly missed. I will hopefully come back on the Z scene as soon as I can in about 12 to 15 months. I have to put up with a cheap run around until then
  9. Hi there yes photos will definitely be up tomorrow midday hopefully. Just have to give it a good wash and will upload some photos afterwards. Only decided to sell it couple of days ago but work a lot plus it's been raining constantly down here so haven't had a chance to take some photos with it being clean.
  10. It is with much regret that I am selling my Nissan 350z. I am getting married later this year and my fiancé and I want to buy a house and with the market as it is we need to get together a large deposit. My car has been extremely well looked after and absolutely faultless. If anyone is interested or has any questions please PM me. 2005/55 GT pack UK model 350z 3.5 V6 £12,695 ono. Just under 46k miles 11 month’s MOT 5 month’s tax Full Nissan Service history including major P3 service due every 36k miles. New iridium HKS spark plugs fitted less than 500 miles ago by Abbey Motorsport. Next service due in 5000 miles. 11 month's remaining of Nissan extended full manufacturer's warranty. Genuine Nissan 350z mats. Rare Azure blue metallic paint. 18" Rays Forged alloys Genuine Nissan Motorsports "Nismo" stainless steel exhaust (£1400 brand new). Subtle looking and not loud. Full GT spec including: - Brembo brake calipers. - Cruise control. - Climate control. - Factory fitted Bose 6CD auto-changer, 240 watt seven speaker audio system. - Leather heated seats. - Trip computer. - Factory fitted integrated bluetooth hands-free phone functionality including adapter module. All set up and ready. - Xenon headlights - Traction control (ESP) and limited slip differential - ABS with Brake Assist and Electronic Brake Distribution - Electric windows - Headlamp washers - Gear change indicator - Leather steering wheel and leather gear knob. - Factory fitted Thatcham Category 1 engine immobilizer and alarm. - Driver and passenger front and side airbags Car is always warmed up for at least ten minutes before taking revs over 3k. Correct Nissan recommended oil and 98/99ron petrol always used. The car is regularly waxed and always hand washed and the interior leather is nourished every 3-6 months. This is a very well looked after car, in excellent condition with below average mileage. I'm based in West Sussex in the south east. Thanks for any interest. Here's a few photos: Here's some photos of the interior which had to be taken with my mobile unfortunately so picture quality a bit grainy. The interior is in very good condition: Please let me know if you have any questions or want to come and look at it.
  11. +1 I'd be curious to know too. Personally if it were me and I could afford to stump up the deposit and afford to pay the monthly payments, and the trade in value for my current car was right, I would say yes, definitely go for it. Very jealous. I love the look of the 370z in white and the performance jump should be very noticable. From what I have heard and read the power and performance figures are on the conservative side. The Stillen TD exhaust looks like a very nice subtle touch if you want to modify it. Let us know how you get on and what you decide What did it feel like to drive and how did it compare to your 350?
  12. matth76

    Width ?

    "Automatic" folding mirrors was standard on all JDM (import) touring models if I believe. Definitely not standard on GT UK models. An extra option I assume as my GT doesn't have them. You would have to manually fold the mirrors with your hands. Surely they still have electric mirrors though which you press the button and they fold? The only thing I would say is that the wheel arches are quite wide and folding in your mirrors may actually mean that you scrape your arches! The mirrors (ie the actual glass inside) move automatically so you can adjust what you see to the side of the vehicle, but the whole wing mirror does not fold automatically so it is flush with the body work (as M3 mirrors do or the JDM models when you turn the car off). It's an extra option on UK GT models definitely up to 2005 (which is my year). Not sure about later 2006/2007 UK models though but even then I believe it is still an extra option in the UK. I don't know of any way to do it by pressing a button inside, other than by moving the mirrors physically with my hands. If there is a button that would be pretty cool (I may well have missed it), just know it does not do it automatically when you turn the ignition off like some cars.
  13. matth76

    Width ?

    "Automatic" folding mirrors was standard on all JDM (import) touring models if I believe. Definitely not standard on GT UK models. An extra option I assume as my GT doesn't have them. You would have to manually fold the mirrors with your hands.
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