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  1. So the car had 260 bhp at the hub,s before or after tuning? just trying to work out figures in my head. I think from Bennet's post that he had 217 wheel horsepower at the hubs before the tune and the 260 at the hubs is after the tune.. as far as I understand, Bennet?
  2. Coolant is exactly the same a week afterwards. Thanks though. If I notice the smell again I'll try what you suggest. I revved the car hard the other day (when fully warmed up of course after a min of 15mins of driving) and no smell at all.
  3. Car has done 40k miles and I know some clutches go at this mileage. Cheers for the replies. I didn't think it was anything to worry about and at worst it is the clutch as I know the 350z has a very weak clutch compared to most cars. My exhaust does have a slight blow in it so that could also account for the smell..not sure. Cheers Matt
  4. The other day (when the car was fully warmed up) I reached a long open dual carriageway, was already rolling along slowly, and accelerated hard up through the gears. I had the air con on as it was quite warm outside that day. When I was hitting the very high revs (with the rev limiter light coming on in each gear) I could detect a slight smell which I thought seemed similar to burning but wasn't distinct enough to worry me, however the cabin seemed quite warm (which I know will happen as the engine heats up dramatically) but then cooled down. However a couple of days later I decided to test it again and sure enough (air con was on again and moving from a rolling start) accelerated hard and car pulled very hard as always but just noticed a slight burning smell and cabin did warm up slightly but car was fine, drove very fast, and oil pressure, water temps all absolutely normal. Oil levels absolutely fine too when I checked a day later. In fact car has not used up any oil since buying the car back in Feb. It's a 2005 gt model. Only thing I can think it could be clutch burning smells (or something electrical which seems odd that hard acceleration would cause this). Has anyone else experienced this happen when accelerating? Thanks for any help and info.
  5. Any idea how much I'll be looking at for a front bumper re-spray? And also separately what it might cost for a quality machine polish all round the car (for a bit of paint correction) ?
  6. Hi Does anyone know a good paint specialist (who people have used before and can vouch for) in the south east, ideally in Sussex, but willing to travel to surrounding areas like Hampshire and Surrey? Thanks for any info.
  7. The wheel horse power figures on top and then the power figures at the fly/engine underneath - hence the top figures will be lower. The 10% loss would just refer to the transmission losses which is absolutely normal. bhp (power at the fly) will always be higher. Either way factory power figures are never spot on - at least 5-10bhp either way, depending on conditions too etc.
  8. Any idea of the approx cost of the PE turbo kit (either single or twin) fully fitted on the road? I know the APS is in the region of £9k+ full fitted which is a big outlay. Just wondered how the PE kit compared. Also to be able to cope with the higher power, ie over 400bhp at the fly, a rebuild is necessary with forged pistons, steel crankshaft, and other forged internals etc. What is the approx cost of having this all done professionally - is it in the region of 2-3k or is substantially more? Are there any specialists in the south east that are experienced and able to do this kind of work - that are not only experienced but do very good value work and do not charge the earth like main dealers!? Thanks for any info.
  9. cant wait to see it, how are you tackling the ecu issue? Strictly speeaking we don't need to do anything with the ECU as ours is a 2003 JDM but we will be fitting the F-con to maximise everything and fine tune it. Who'll do the tuning, Phil? One of our power writer contacts not sure who as yet. How did this kit turn out bigphil? Did you need to upgrade the internals? 412hp at the wheels must equate to quite a large 450ish at the fly? Or can the stock internals cope with over 450bhp as long as the fuel system is upgraded and the compression is lowered with a thicker head gasket? How much was the kit in £? Cheers Matt
  10. Unfortunately the shipping and right hand drive differences (drive shaft issues etc) mean the official uk suppliers/installers will charge £9k total fully fitted - which in my opinion is very expensive. In the US or Japan you would be paying half this but not here Personally the Stillen supercharger route (which is £4800 fully fitted in the UK - see http://www.evo.co.uk/carreviews/evocarr ... _350z.html) seems much better value at half the price for 370-380bhp - so not much less power difference than the turbo set up. I think they need to do something about a bonnet though (see the link)



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