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  1. Maybe because the 350Z is a convertible is the reason you don't like it? I saw one recently and noticed the roof only had 1 layer which is kind of thin for a roof I would say. I think if you've had a GTR and you want to downgrade without losing the 'special' feeling then why not a try a Porsche Cayman S? Pick one up for say £24-25k and I think you'll be happy.
  2. It is and it isn't. Its such a good car, but is it £6000+ better than a Zed? I don't know. Plus I have had too hard a time buying one and the Zed was my original choice (see back to the GT4 Yellow Wanted thread). I just went off on a tangent and ended up in Boxsterland in which I thought £20k+ would make me a king. Alas it didn't and I've come back to plan A which is the Zed. I've been looking for value for money and I think the Zed is where its at. Plus I saw one drive past me today and it was hot. The girl driving it wasn't bad either.
  3. Unfortunately I'm buying without seeing. I just dont have time to go view it. Have driven one very similar to it and I thought it was pretty good. The steering in the Zeds seems too light for me, whereas the Cayman and Boxster have got it just right. I'm sure it'll be ok right? They will service it and MOT it. 3 months warranty as well which I presume can be used at any Nissan stealership. Do you know what I should be given with the car e.g. how many keys, what books or tools?
  4. £15k is max fora 350Z. They are including 6 months tax as well.
  5. Postage receipts have the recepients house number and post code on them - either written by hand or printed. But that receipt only covers up to £39 I think as standard compensation. The beauty of Royal Pain is that they not only lose your item in the post, they also lose your Lost Item claim as well. And they ask you to send all original documenation so that you can't submit another claim. Why isn't there another service other than these people!
  6. Most of them have edited their posts since to make it look as if they were being nice when really they were very abusive, even with the forum swear filter on. I think it just got out of hand because I was really frustrated and sick of looking at Boxsters with no specification and costing at least £6,000 more than almost-new 350Z. Everytime I found one that I liked had been sold within minutes. I didn't even have enough time to sleep on it - by the time you call its sold. Where are all these people coming from with more than £20k in their pockets to spend on cars?! I will admit I have been very indecisive but only because of the money involved. Its just a large amount (almost £23k for a decent Boxster S 3.2) that I wanted to make sure my next car was perfect. Pity the Boxster I put a deposit on didn't work out but would anyone buy a car without a V5 or spare keys? It was an independent dealer as well so I expected he would have them but I think it was a reposessed car.
  7. I like yellow and white. But only 1 white one in the country for sale at the moment!
  8. You still trying to impress me?
  9. Slagging Zed's on a Z forum? Where? When? I said if someone was looking to move away from a 350Z, then the Boxster S was a good choice. I never even slagged off the Boxster - I actually said its the better car. Due to the low level of intelligence on Boxa.net, they have taken the fact I might choose a Zed over a Boxster as an insult to their choice of car. I think thats pretty hypocritical considering the Boxster is probably an insult to proper Porsche owners. He then says Boxa.net is a welcoming forum and doesn't look down on other brands. Its clearly run by a bunch of people who have a complex about their choice and lifestyles and then claim that if I buy a Zed the owners of the this forum would be happy because they "need the win". Win what? If it takes their members to cross forums to try to somehow defame someone it just shows how infantile they are. I never come across a such a bunch of typical ponces who are fighting above their belt and expect to be taken seriously. Technically they are now spamming this forum by registering false accounts with no intention of contributing. Turns out even their admin has shut down their nonsense and actually complemented the 350Z forum for not acting in the same puerile manner.
  10. Swirleman <--- registered on here just to post a link across to them to defame me.... and his comments were he was done with my thread. He was so "done" with my thead that he comes on here hoping for what?! Out of all this I actually feel sorry for the proper Porsche owners who spend £50k+ on their cars and have to share a showroom with these Boxster owners and their Del Boy antics.
  11. I should probably reply on here seeing as the Boxa.net "community" think they own the rights to the Porsche brand and everyone's rights to own one. When I posted about not buying a 350Z I did in fact place a deposit on the Boxster S. However (what the inbreds at Boxa.net don't tell you) is that the seller had no V5 or spare keys for the car so I had to back out. Since then I was asking for advice on the cars because I don't know much about them. In the end I wanted to go for one of either 2 Boxsters - a black 2.7 or a yellow 3.2. They all said "it must have heated seats" so that rules the 3.2 yellow one out. I went to buy the black one and it has no service history. So I said "I'm fed up, I'm off to buy a 350Z instead". And look at the ridiculous toys out of the pram replies I got. And they think their cyberwar on me is going to somehow increase their manhoods. Really are these people meant to be adults or just a bunch of homos with a liking for soft things that flop down. I am rather enjoying seeing them scramble together to combat the 911 remarks - it just beggars belief.
  12. Could anyone please explain the difference between Red and Chilli Red? I have done a Google search but nothing comes up. From what I can gather the Chilli Red looks a bit darker, but is it like a maroon/burgundy red or just a nice deep 'passion' red?
  13. After driving the Boxster, I found the Zed's steering was too light, the brakes were mushy and weaker, the noise was not as thrilling, and the overall quality (e.g. door shutting noise and interior plastics) was not as good. Maybe I just liked having the engine roaring behind me.... reminded me of my MR2 MK2 days.
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