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  1. Hi All, Just a bit of an update, still don't have my 350Z :-( I'm viewing the Chilli Red Non-GT at Brian Leighton in Howden tomorrow. It's actually the Sales Managers personal car - some of you guys may know him, Dave Giles, I believe he arranged the 370z launch meet over there at the end of last year. The car itself has his private plate on it at present "V5 DMG" and features pretty heavily on the pics thread from the meet on this forum. Looks mint in the pics, so i'm hopeful ! Rob.
  2. Hi All, I'm still on the lookout for a decent "Z" - viewed a couple last week and to be honest both were pretty disappointing. On one (the silver one with Nav and standard wheels I posted earlier in this thread) the passenger door wouldn't open and the alloys were corroding and badly kerbed, the other had a largish hole in the leather of the driver's seat and signs of poorly resprayed bodywork. Moving on, I'm now planning on looking at this one at the weekend:- http://brianleighton.nissan.co.uk/used- ... MG&h=c3b7a The car is only about a 20 minute drive from me and looks in very good condition - however, it is a standard car without the GT pack, albeit it does have the Rays alloys. The price strikes me as pretty high, but ofsetting this is the backing of buying from a Nissan dealer. I also gather this garage has a pretty good reputation in the 350z community after doing a forum search. The question is - would you guys consider buying a non-gt spec car if it were in top notch condition (which after speaking to the dealer i'm assured this is), or should I hold out for a nice GT ?? Thanks in advance, Rob.
  3. rew2208

    Width ?

    Thanks all for the replies, To be honest after looking at it again this morning, i'm more worried about scraping the sides of the car than car than catching the mirrors. The opening I have to get through is just over 2 metres wide but I have to drive through it at a slight angle as my garage is offset slightly behind my house. The 350 is around 70mm wider in the body than the widest car I've had in the garage to date which was a 3 series. I'm just picturing myself bleary eyed one morning restyling both sides of a 350, but not in a good way ! A re-think is required......... Rob.
  4. rew2208

    Width ?

    Hi - thanks all for your replies, The limitation actually isn't the garage door, it's the gap between the house wall and my neighbours fence. I live on a relatively new estate and they really cram the houses on these days, don't they ! I think I should be OK as my old Mk 4 Golf used to fit, which although not a wide car had very long door mirrors. Googling it, that measured 2,018mm, so I reckon I should be fine If it is a bit tight I'll just need to get into the habit of folding the mirrors in first. Hopefully a 350Z will be safely tucked up inside my garage in the not too distant future ! Cheers, Rob.
  5. rew2208

    Width ?

    Hi All, I'm looking at a couple of 350z's tomorrow with a view to making a purchase As I've got quite a small garage I wondered if anyone knew the overall width, including the mirrors, of an '04-'05 350Z ? After doing a few searches I've found the width of the car without mirrors, which I believe is 1,816mm. One further question, would a UK GT spec car of '04 - '05 have electric folding mirrors ? Thanks in advance, Cheers, Rob.
  6. Might be going to have a look at this one at the weekend..... http://www.dentonmotors.co.uk/details.asp?cdID=8386321 The guy I spoke to seemed to think they could give me a reasonable p/x for my 120d. Anyone know the car on here by any chance ? - opinions please. It has factory sat nav which i'm not really sure is worth having given the cost of the update discs from Nissan ! Thanks, Rob.
  7. Nice part of the world around Pocklington, was out walking near Warter village the other weekend. Will keep an eye out for you next time i'm in the area. Rob.
  8. Thanks all for the very warm welcome - members certainly aren't as forthcoming on the BM forums ! Nixy - I live in Elloughton, near Brough, and commute over to Kingswood during the week. I actually pass a Silver 350Z most days - reg DBZ **** - wondered if it was a forum member driving ?? Thanks again, Rob.
  9. Hi, I'm Rob and I've finally decided to register on this fine forum ! After a succession of BMW's I'm seriously pondering the move to a 350Z. I have a 120d at the moment, which although quite quick (though not in the same league as the 350) it is one seriously boring car..... I was pretty keen at one point to go for a 2000/2001 Boxster, but then after reading the various horror stories such as engine failure I pretty quickly went off that idea, plus I have to say I wasn't 100% comfortable with the "hairdresser" image ! The 350Z really seems to tick most, if not all of the boxes for me. Obviously I'm prepared for a pretty big step up in fuel consumption, but that's par for the course for this type of car. So - I think I'm in the market for an '04 - '05 Coupe, with of course the GT pack, would prefer the Rays alloys - but not essential. Budget £10.5 - £11.5K. If anyone hears of or sees a decent car it would be great if you could let me know, I'm in the East Yorkshire area, Cheers, Rob.
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