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  1. I viewed most of you videos, I think they are informative. Cheers.
  2. Great Sunset and it matched the colour of my car so I had to snap it.
  3. I just went yellow into the white hole and black into the red hole and it seems to work.
  4. Mine is that 2003 orange which changes colour depending on cloud cover, sometimes it looks orange, sometimes gold.
  5. My car is a JDM that came with the Bose system with out steering wheel controls, the guy who had it before me removed his head unit but left the adaptor harness which I am sure many of you have, my question is which beside the red and white RCA connectors which are obviously left and right front, which of the other two wires is which? Is the Yellow the Sub and the black the rear speaker? Thanks.
  6. I fixed it, the issue is 100% not there any more. Now it could be a few things so hard to pin point. The last owner could have over filled with oil, It could have been the coil I got from Amazon for 15 pounds was causing an issue or it could have been the cheap Chinese head-unit. I might reinstalled the radio after a week of driving and see if the smell comes back just to confirm.
  7. No nothing under car and last owner had removed the undertray and put it in the boot, I just changed the oil there and changed out a cheapo amazon coil I had installed, I will also disconnect the head unit I installed and will report back if any of these solved the issue.
  8. This is a different issue and is a burning smell, not an oil consumption issue, mine is a 2003.
  9. I have only driven the car 5 times so far, but whenever I stop the car I get a smell coming from the passenger side vent of burning oil/burning plastic. I have seen loads of threads going back years but no real answers even though I assume the people who started the threads eventually got their issues sorted. The oil pressure is normal. The oil seems ok but I will change it tomorrow just incase, coolant if fine. The car is a 03 DE, Automatic transmission so not a clutch issue, Today I drove a little longer than usual and noticed the smell in the cabin while driving, shutting all th
  10. Chris M

    What Ramps

    Thanks, I will check them out.
  11. Chris M

    What Ramps

    Thanks, I will have a look, If I dont find something suitable I will just do it the old fashioned way.
  12. Chris M

    What Ramps

    Thanks for the advice, I have been jacking my cars up for years but there has to be an easier lazier way, I have seen people using them for the Z(Road and Race has used them) so will just have to take a risk and order random ones. In regards your statement about getting the car level, The drain plug at the back of the oil pan and so will have no trouble with just jacking up the front to get all the oil. Case in point(skip to 2:50)
  13. Chris M

    What Ramps

    I want something that will save me time and ease of use, Those Race Ramps that are made of foam seem to be the best for what I want but cost an arm and a leg, I was wondering if anyone knew ones that are low enough entry for a stock 350z as the car is fairly low from factory.
  14. Chris M

    What Ramps

    What are a good set of ramps in 2021 that are low profile enough for our cars? Just for simple stuff like oil changes.
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