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  1. Yeah that is an option but I predict at least 5 months from now the way things are going. Maybe I should order one from Japan, at least I can pick the colour I want.
  2. That is a funny story, Sounds more like an episode of Father Ted. Due to Brexit I wont be buying from the UK as they will add VAT, Duty and registration Tax to the price of the car making it super expensive, Buying from Northern Ireland wont incur duty. Lock down at the moment also means we are not allowed move outside of a 5km area from our homes so finding what I want is hard.
  3. Thanks, I look forward to getting one. I Wish covid was over as it just makes everything a pain especially when buying and selling cars.
  4. Hi, My name is Chris and I am looking to buy a Z, I have been more of a Toyota fan boy over the years but have owned cars from most of the Japanese car makers at some point, I currently have an MR2 Roadster which is a great handling car with only 950kg at the last weight in. I want more power again and so am going to sell it and look for an Automatic Z. Why Auto, well I want something fastish but hate getting stuck in traffic going home after work every night, I had an auto NA Supra and found that was a great balance for me. As I am Irish that means the Tax is absolutely crazy over here for th
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