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  1. Ideally I'd like to quote everyone but for some reason the forum and Samsungs Internet do not get on Ekona, I have considered this but I worry its more of an unknown then buying off the shelf. I would be so disappointed if I went somewhere and got the car back to only find it doesn't sound like what I want. Can anyone recommend a decent exhaust place on the south coast, I'm willing to travel? Lewis, which system would you say you preferred from the little you heard? I had the injen SES on my 350z and loved how it sounded, but the fitment was absolutely awful. So I'm very wary of that brand? The greddy evolution is another close choice, but I'm very interested in the ARK DTS. But it's nearly 700 pounds more expensive Short Paul, can you confirm if the greddy fits OK, and doesn't sit inside the bumper as you have a MK2 like mine?
  2. I'm sure I noticed on the video torqen put up of a greddy evolution on a MK2 nismo they did seem slightly recessed in on the bumper, which is a concern as there is no adjustment on that. The invidia Gemini is a strong choice Pete. How would you say it sounds? Any drone? I'm after more of a rich sound than overly loud hence the ark grip DTS being
  3. Yes I remember seeing that go up for sale at the time, why I didn't jump on it is beyond me. Must've been a sudden case of @*!# to the brain
  4. I never thought searching for an exhaust for my Nismo would be this difficult. So I'm reaching out for help from people here who have hopefully been in a similar boat. The last few months after parting ways with the AAM short tails, I've spent alot of time looking at various brands, YouTubing sound clips and looking at our main two suppliers, Tarmac Sportz and Torqen. Those who know me personally know I had a right mare with a previous well known branded exhaust from Torqen so they'll understand my "once bitten twice shy" feeling, and as much as it pains me, water under the bridge. But I absolutely do not want a repeat of last time. I want to buy it, get it fitted, and enjoy it. Simple as that The bit that troubles me is the lack of information on both websites about whether "insert brand name here" will fit my Nismo. We all know the MK2 has a bigger diff and longer back end then a GT or MK1 and so far tarmac sports seem to be the only ones reporting that the ARK Grip V2 "WILL NOT" fit the Nismo. I know from someone else that it will not fit without modification. So, what I want is simple, I want a deep and rich sound, I do not want rasp and as minimal drone as possible. So far my list I've narrowed down to is 1) Ark grip V2 - requires modification 2) Ark grip DT-S - no information on nismos 3) Greedy evolution GT - no information 4) Injen SES - this was the culprit last time 5) invidia Gemini - this seems to go on no issue? Does anyone here have any of these exhausts on their MK2 nismos and can help shed some light for me? Does any of our suppliers have these in stock so I'm not waiting a massively long time and can shed light on what fits and what doesn't? I appreciate this probably comes across as a whinge post and in part it is. I just do not want a repeat of spending £1500 minimum on an exhaust for the bloody thing to cause me grief. Cheers all
  5. I would've thought your GT was a HID bulb, and if that's the case most factory HIDs are a brightness scale of 4300K. You could consider upping the brightness up to a 6000k bulb, this will give you a much brighter whiter light for not alot of money. But don't be fooled into these kits that are 8000K etc. Due to the light spectrum and how it works you actually start dropping in light output after 6K. That is the maximum you want to go, I've done this in several of my vehicles and have been pleasantly happy with the difference. Expect a decent branded HID bulb to set you back anywhere between 50-100+ each
  6. As good as a link that video is, that 370z does not have the pedestrian hood poppers which are the main stumbling block when doing this mod
  7. Also interested in an answer to this. Want some for my own Nismo
  8. Too noisy for me I'm afraid 😨 Ideally after an ARK grip, invidia or along those lines as YouTube videos show it being relatively quiet with stock cats. My extreme modification days are behind me now but I do want a little grumble as stock is way too quiet
  9. Given the very few videos I've been able to find on YouTube I don't think it's for me bud. Might be people running decats but too raspy for my liking unless you can show me otherwise? Thanks for the offer though
  10. Still looking for both of these items
  11. My nismo never came with the red stickers, like you I think it looks so much better without! I do wonder what colour coded wing mirror would look like
  12. Its quite possible that the car has not been remapped to support the modifications to the exhaust system and the ECU is trying to over compensate hence it smelling extremely rich. This would tie with the CEL light coming on and having to be reset as getting the car remapped removes the rear O2 sensors The only way I think you could confirm if you have an O2 sensor issue is by what the codes are saying. If its pre cat codes then it could be a sensor, if its post cat codes then I'd say its not been remapped. Depends really how far you want to go. My advise would be to find a reputable Z specialist, Abbey Motorsport, Horsham developments to name two, and get them to check the exhaust system. They'll also be able to tell you if it's been remapped. It might be worth the diagnostic charge rather then throwing hundreds at sports cats etc which won't remedy the issue at this moment
  13. Disappointed I missed you at Beaulieu I wondered who the V1 nismo was 👌
  14. Easy enough job providing you take your time, I used to do mine every couple of years because spark plugs are a cheap way to keep the best performing and running engine. Remove the airbox (two if you have a HR) and make sure not to touch the throttle body butterfly (s) and then simply work your way round one at a time. Do that, follow torque specifications and you'll be fine.
  15. @RDON on this forum is selling an immaculate MK1 Nismo. Youd be silly to buy that ruined MK2 not even consider his.
  16. Definitely not tyres causing the ABS light then, they're perfect size. I'd wager intermittent ABS sensor fault hence how it comes and goes. If it comes on any time during the MOT then it'll fail mate
  17. Airbag warning light and ABS warning lights will both immediately fail an MOT. I suspect the ESP and traction control lights are on due to a fault with the ABS system as its all interlinked. If I was a betting man, I'd wager you have a failed ABS sensor. I'd highly recommend you get the vehicle scanned or you purchase one of the Bluetooth OBD scanners to give you an idea of where to start. Out of interest, what tyres are you running? If the wheel sizes are massively different from OEM that could be what's fooling the system into think there is a fault with the ABS
  18. For my sins I am in the trade 🤣 not that it counts for much when people rarely seem to listen 🤣 no news on when the F520 is out yet with my supplier, however there seems to be a national tyre shortage as getting new tyres is a massive pain in the arse lately. I've been happy with the eco falkens fitted to my personal car, girlfriends audi and so on. The Bridgestones fitted to my nismo are wearing low so I'll be looking in the future
  19. What about every 2000 miles like mine 🤣
  20. Don't forget that an MOT is only the barest minimum road standard. A tyre at 2mm while not really safe will still pass an MOT. Alot of people get hung up on the fact that a car has passed an MOT its in good condition. Further compiled that alot of it is up to the individual MOT testers discretion, so what one might pass another might fail and vice versa.
  21. This. We sell plenty of falken tyres to our customers and they are a perfect good choice to go for. Any tyre will let go in the wet or dry if you drive them hard enough. Certain types of falkens are actually some of the quietest tyres for sale, which let's not lie, a 370z needs all the help it can get with tyre and road noise 😉
  22. I'm not embarrassed by what I've written at all. Full history means full history, way too many people stretch that truth when selling a car. My nismo, 5 out of 5 stamps, 5 invoices, 5 services = full history. 9 out of 18 is not full history. Especially at that price. Working on the service counter its not that unusual for people to do exceptionally low mileage and stick to the schedule to the letter, several customer's come to mind. Just say its not been serviced due to the low mileage, but that doesn't sound good does it 😕
  23. Full service history of 9 stamps on an 18 year old car, that's some very good math. Shame it'll leak like a sive when it starts getting properly used. What a waste
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