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  1. Did anyone count how many cars we had in our group yesterday?
  2. Was looking forward to catching up with you Andy, stay safe and enjoy your speed trials. catch you soon
  3. Congratulations to you and the Mrs soon
  4. Works well with the supercharger kit as its designed to get the air to the intakes better
  5. Cheers Andy. Had to mate, missed the Zed too much, it was either this or buy another one
  6. Well i sold the Zed but couldn’t resist buying it back as the chap i sold it to needed some cash so 380 miles extra on the clock and on with the build
  7. Yes mate last year as I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse :0
  8. Only around 1500 miles they hug you really well and were very comfy, I’m so surprised the new owner didn’t want them but he said his missus would kill him if the car didn't have heated seats
  9. Hi Paul Getting them to fit and making the brackets to fit a 370 was a pain but well worth it as they will bolt straight in for the next owner
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