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350z DE - Need Immobilizer keys coding?


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Hey guys, I know this will only be a small percentage of people who want this due to my location, but thought id offer it anyway.


With a few pieces of paid software on my laptop some cables and some time in research, im now able to code any compatible Nissan key to the NATS/Immobiliser system on 350z DE vehicles. 


The only caveat's are that I need the vehicle with me, theirs no way to program keys remotely as the key is paired with the NATS system directly in the vehicle.


You will just need to acquire a compatible key with a transponder chip in it, have it cut by any locksmith so it physically fits into (and turns, just don't try to start the car with a unprogrammed key) your ignition and then come to me with all of your keys and I can add the new one into your system.


All keys get erased when you program NATS, so you need to bring ALL the keys you want to work on the car so they can ALL be added in with the new one.


Key blanks with program-ready chips can be found online in the usual places such as



Im based in Harlow, Essex, but im also in Ipswich, Suffolk 3 days per week. The whole process takes around 30 mins as I have to get some numbers off of your Immobiliser Control Unit which is under the steering wheel cowl/plastics which i need to remove (4 simple screws).


If anybody wants this doing, the price is £20 per vehicle for as many keys as you want registering, want 1 key, or 10 keys (ok, ok, the maximum number of keys the Z can remember is 5...), makes no difference to me!


Prices from local specialist locksmiths and Nissan main dealers range from £110-£200+ depending on your location and if they have to order you a key. They also have to send off for the codes they require to program to NATS from Nissan HQ which takes a few days. So you can have this done for 10% of the cost by me the very same day


Drop me a PM if you're interested.



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I now have a test version of the software which should hopefully be able to programme HR vehicles now, This is strictly a Beta version at the moment so im not sure! But if any local-ish member wants HR keys coded and accepts it MAY not work at this time, hit me up.

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