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  1. 4.08 final gear magic. Most of the racing track in Poland unfortunately look like this and shorter final gear was essential for me to stop using 1st gear while racing - you have to compensate with gears for such lack of power Also as requested more pictures of my friends 350Z Nismo - we do a lot of racing together and his Zee is also nicely modified - Tomei exhaust, KW Clubsport, Nismo LSD, Recaro CS and so on.
  2. Thank you As requested more pictures of brake cooling kit. It it fully custom design, but proved to be highly effective on the race track. Titanium brake pads shrims - they are suppose to reduce temps of brake fluid and to protect the brake calipers from high temperature. So far I think they have been working out pretty well. My brake calipers are in great condition and never really overheated my brake fluid yet on this set up. Also concerning swaybars - hotchicks front, stock nismo rear. I read on forums that people enjoy this combination, so I gave it a shot with only stiff front, loved it straight away and never felt the need to stiffen up the rear. I think stiffer sway bar at the rear could make the experience worse
  3. 10W60 works best for me. I know it is a controversial matter around here but I have tested 10W60 since my first ever oil change after 1000 km from dealership and now after over 100k km of millage and regular track beatings, my engine is in beautiful shape and has absolutely no signs of premature wear (it was opened up recently). People driving hard on factory 5w30 (and way too long oil change intervals) are the key reason why you get all of those blown engine stories. Even with 34 row oil cooler VQ engines are running extremely hot and thick engine oil is crucial to protect enginie components at high temps.
  4. I thought about doing this a long time ago, but never had the time to write a actual post. However, at the suggestion of others I figured why not. Power / Delivery / Cooling: 368 hp / 405 nm EcuTek Tune AAM Competition R-Line Cold Air Intake Torqen Helmz Resonated Test Pipes Custom Build 2.5 inch X-pipe Valves Controlled Exhaust 4.08 Final Gear OEM Nismo GT LSD PRO 1.5 Way Setrab 19 Row Differential Cooler Setrab 34 Row Oil Cooler Setrab 6 Row Power Steering Cooler Mocal Electric Differential Oil Pump With Integral Cooling Fan ZSpeed CMAK CSC Delete ZSpeed Aluminium Undershroud South Bend Billet Steel Race Flywheel 24 lbs Exedy Pro Clutch Z1 Urethane Motor Mounts Z1 Urethane Transmission Mounts Z1 High Capacity Differential Cover Z1 Fuel Anti-Starvation Kit Z1 Clutch Lines DeatschWorks Fuel Pump JWT Oil Pan Spacer Handling / Chassis / Brakes: KW Variant 3 Coilovers DifTech Monoball Front & Rear Shock Hats Hotchicks Front Sway Bar SPL Front Upper Monoball Camber/Caster Arms SPL Front Lower Arm Monoball Impact Bushings SPL Front Inner Monoball Lower Arm Bushings SPL Rear Knuckle Monoball Bushings SPL Solid Subframe Bushings SPL Solid Differential Mount Bushings SPL Rear Toe Arms Bell Raceworks Differential Brace TruHart Rear Camber Arms Kinetix Rear Traction Arms Carbon Lorraine RC5+ Brake Pads Z1 Two-Piece Front & Rear Brake Rotors Z1 Stainless Steel Brake Lines Z1 Brake Master Cylinder Brace 2.5 Inch Custom Build Brake Cooling Kit Custom Build Front & Rear Titanium Brake Pad Shrims Front Alignment: Caster +8.5 Camber -3.0 Toe 0 Rear Alignment Camber -2.4 Toe +0.16 Total Driver Feel / Interior : RJM Performance Adjustable Clutch Pedal Torque Solution Short Shifter With 10 cm Extension Nismo Shift Knob Titanium GT MTEC Shifter Springs Flat Buttoned Steering Wheel Custom Blank Switch Replacement with 3 Illuminated buttons – YAW sensor switch, exhaust valves and trunk release Recaro Seat Base Rebuild – Seating Position Lowered by 3 cm Steering Wheel Column extended by 2.5 cm towards the driver Fluids: Millers CFS NT+ 10W60 Millers CRX NT+ LS 75W140 Millers CRX NT+ 75W110 Motul RBF660 ig: nismo_fairlady





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