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  1. Quick update, managed to get one to sit in and I fit! So, if you are 6'5 with stupidly long legs, you are good to go!
  2. Thanks, local Nissan dealer doesn't have one and the only local one is private seller who may be a little dis-chuffed if I'm only turning up for a fitting (localish one isn't one I would buy.).
  3. Hi all, finally in a position to be able to buy a 370Z but not sure if I will fit (6'5" with 35" legs). Before I start driving around the country getting peoples hopes up, is there anyone in the Salisbury/Wiltshire area that would be good enough to let me have a sit in their 370 to confirm if I fit? Big ask I know, especially given the current climate. Happy to glove/mask etc up obviously. Thanks in anticipation, Paul





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