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  1. Oil consumption on mine is about 1 litre between annual services when in regular use. Or, to put it another way, it goes from Max to Min and then oil is changed. 🙂 I had a replacement engine at 42k miles (hydro-locked due to driving error!) so I guess it would be a late build of that spec. Original engine oil consumption was hardly noticeable.
  2. I have a 2005 (Rev-up) car and over 115k miles it has averaged 30mpg. That includes a few track days and over 100 laps of the Nordschleife. Just paid my VED and it was £360 for 12 months. Hope this helps...
  3. All looks good, but I feel you ought to know that the Nissan Dealer supplied boot divider leaves the emergency boot release in the boot area rather than the cabin. This means that in the event of a total power failure you can unlock the car with the key, but you cant get into the boot. I got caught by this and think its worth others knowing (I had a jump start pack in the boot but couldnt get to it!!!)
  4. Same as the UK Rays then. Thanks again.
  5. Thats interesting Alex so Thankyou also. It seems the wheels noted as Nismo LM GT4 are not the same as those fitted to the GT4 cars (which were also called "35th Anniversary Edition" cars).
  6. I've just remembered a question that has been lurking in my brain for some time.... In the 350Z handbook it gives wheel sizes and for the ALLOY Rears there are two alternative rim widths: 18 x 8JJ and 18 x 8-1/2JJ. Now I know of two types of wheel sold on the UK 350Zs: Rays and GT4 wheels, plus of course imports could have the standard non-Rays wheels. Does anyone know which wheels have which rim widths? Thanks in advance.
  7. As the original owner of a 2005 now with 115k on the clock and, if I say it myself, in really good nick, if you've got any questions feel free to PM me.
  8. I've ordered the VLSD fluid so will be done. I know gearbox is ok as it had a full rebuild overhaul (with £1k worth of parts!) a couple of years ago, and oil was changed again last month (after 1k miles). Thanks again.
  9. Thanks Alex. I cant find the last time mine was changed!!
  10. How often does 350Z Diff oil need changing? I cant see it on the Nissan service schedule.... Thanks.
  11. If anyone wanting one is in the South West I have one off my 350Z but would like not to ship. It's in Exeter...
  12. I put a new W brace on at 10years and 100k miles. Worth doing and oem still available new but might need to come from Japan for the right money. Not sure about the rust on those two panels. I dont think mine has that and I've just had sills and rear underbody treated for surface rust after an MOT advisory.
  13. I also purchased the two other two-part brackets under the rear bumper. PM me if you want details.
  14. Found it! My filing system is better than I thought.... Nissan 755B0-CD000 - PROTECTOR, EVAPORATOR HOSE;PROTECTOR-EVAP HOSE Got it new from Japan (2/3 weeks delivery)
  15. I bought some brackets recently including that one. I can look up part no.s for you in a couple of days. I had very similar work done.
  16. I was given an oem part for my centre dash display but discovered it was the wrong colour! I've always thought of my UK car dash as being black, but this part is probably best described as Dark Grey.... Were there any differences of colour on UK cars (or elsewhere)? The usual parts lists dont seem to distinguish between different market model variants so they arent any help. I wondered if this might have come from an import...
  17. Those numbers do not appear to be Nissan part numbers, format: <5-chars>-<-5chars>. I suggest you go on Amayama.com and look at the parts diagrams and check part numbers. If you havent been there before it can be a bit of a long haul first time but when you get to the diagrams, if you hover over the diagram part identifier it will highlight the part number on the right-hand side and say whether they are still available. I have bought a number of obscure parts for my 350Z this year so quite a lot are available. Prices are better than here but you will also get charged shipping. Delivery seems to be around 2/3 weeks at present. Good luck.
  18. There is one more batch of new UK cars coming in May this year, around 20 I understand. These were ordered in the first half of 2021 and have finally been given a build schedule (I never thought they would, but Nissan say they are). Nissan UK have been refusing new orders since about the middle of 2021 and now Nissan Japan order book is closed too. Nissan UK dealers have been told not to expect any new cars after 1st July this year as they cannot comply with new vehicle regs including noise levels and things like max speed control. I bought a new one in May 2021 (ordered in Dec '20) and just before Christmas was offered 13% over the price I paid the dealer for it. I refused because I love it too much ... Whether the increased secondhand values will continue only time will tell!
  19. The below wing mirror bubbling is also seen on some R35 GT-Rs.
  20. The Amayama.com website is also great for identifying parts and their numbers.
  21. So why did Lewis get penalised for Silverstone?
  22. Someone close to me (with hindsight!) says that Mercedes missed a trick. As soon as the Safety Car went in, and with Perez out, they should have told Bottas to "Stop immediately, on-track, wherever you are". Yellow would come out, then safety car and race would be over. I bet they did think of it but decided it would get them the result but be a PR disaster. A much more honourable team than RB.
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