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  1. Hi, Does anyone have a standard exhaust lying around that they dont want? Regards Josh
  2. Does anyone have an original 370z Coupe exhaust lying around that they don't want?
  3. Josh_370z

    New Wheels

    Thought I hadn't seen that before, it looks like it was worth all the effort. really nice car mate (y)
  4. Does Anyone know where I can get some of these Spats from? Or something very similar?
  5. Josh_370z


    Newcastle under lyme
  6. Josh_370z

    New Wheels

    What front splitter is that? and where did you buy it from?
  7. Josh_370z

    Wheel Spacers

    I have just bought a 370z, so I am looking for 25mm spacers all round, if anyone could recommend any that would be great!! Many Thanks Josh
  8. I am going to be upgrading the Exhaust on my 370z in the coming weeks, is there any business that offer forum discount or do offers on exhausts? Cheers
  9. Hello Josh Welcome to the forum I'm in Scholar Green Staffordshire, Where about are you? I am from Newcastle-Under-Lyme, which isn't far from you. We should have a local meet sometime
  10. Just a quick introduction, Im Josh and i have just purchased a 370z. I will look forward to coming a long to the group meets and picking some of your brains for help and advice on certain things. I am from the Staffordshire area, is there any other members from this area? Many Thanks Josh





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