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  1. Many thanks for your helpful post and offer. We could probably just about have managed with the boot but ultimately Caroline had issues with the seat/ride quality combination. The dealer allowed us to have a very extended test drive and whilst, initially we had thought it would be ok, it did actually cause her quite a bit of discomfort. This is not to say the ride is overly hard or there is anything wrong (we actually liked the car very much) but with all the screws and Graf Ligaments in her spine (and the knock on effects it has had) the only way we can judge is by actually trying. The Camry isn't perfect but it's heading in the right direction and a good fall-back. We also plough on with our ancient Corollas because she is so comfortable in those (I have 2 just in case!). My concern is safety (they have no air bags or side protection etc). Also they have no Aircon, which is an issue if you are travelling through central Spain in the summer (having said that we've managed for 24 years with them). The other issue is they are starting to develop some purely age related issues. I will continue my research into seats, ride quality and reclining systems. I do have some ideas and won't give up.
  2. Got some helpful info from TOC and decided to return for further checks and an extended test drive. Have decided to stick with the Camry based on usable boot space and it's better ride quality (my wife's problem is with her spine).
  3. Good morning fellow readers. A lot of interesting/different stuff to analyse with some really unusual results in different parts of the country. Unfortunately the net result will cause a lot of uncertainty which is unhelpful at this point, whatever your political viewpoint. Looks like younger vote may have been more active than previously.
  4. Mercedes Benz Club of America appear to have a buyers guide for W115.
  5. Just got told off on TOC for bumping my post to the top - apparently in contravention of the T&Cs- whoops. That's the only reply I've had so far
  6. Thank you. The youtube videos have helped re additional storage compartments, roof bars and boxes....plus I've seen some very odd and large things being inserted into American Priuses I'm still trying to find out how flexible the boot tonneau cover thing is. All of the large "insertions" viewed so far were with the cover removed Still awaiting anyone from TOC although I've had loads of views.
  7. Thanks re the roof bars. I'd assumed that was the case but just wanted to check. I'm watching various youtube videos in the hope that I'll answer the boot cover question, pending someone on TOC responding!
  8. Thank you. Am already a member of TOC and have already posted still waiting for an answer. Only trying here because you guys on here are so good and it's very active ...... I thought I might get lucky!
  9. I am close to a decision to buy a 2009 1.8 T4 Prius - probably tomorrow but need to resolve one matter. The car, it's history and the seller are all excellent. Because my wife has a disability we sometimes have to carry quite a lot of stuff. The issue is that we are going from a Corolla Liftback which has a massive boot. Whilst technically the Prius offers quite a good amount of boot space (due to various cubby holes and the under boot floor "box) the issue for us is the main boot area being so shallow (with the cover/blind in it's proper position) and the combinations of things we have to carry. My question is: how flexible is the Prius boot cover to deal with taller loads (in other words how far would it stretch or deform and still attach at the rear and cover the contents? For example, one combination we would have is a resin "day-bed" which ideally could sit on top of 2 large suitcases, or another combination would be a wheelchair on top of the cases. In the most extreme combination, the load would sit about 7 inches higher than the horizontal level of the normal blind position. Would it stretch that far over and still attach? Obviously I could retract the blind or take it out but sometimes I wouldn't be keen for some of the contents to be on display. Secondly I was so obsessed with the boot that I didn't focus on any other luggage compartments inside the car (albeit that wouldn't help with the primary issue). I would nevertheless be interested if there are any other significant compartments in the car. Presumably they take roof bars and thus supplementary stuff could go in a roof box if absolutely necessary? Any help, thoughts or advice would be most gratefully received.
  10. Have thought about this a lot over the years and was lucky to work for 1 or 2 great leaders in FTSE 100 companies. It is arguable how much some of these traits are also those of good management but I have seen these traits in great leaders: - vision - bravery (being prepared to go where others might fear to tread) - great instinct (almost an advanced form of street-wiseness) - inspiring - they think big - very decisive - very effective communicators of brand values, ultimate goals and strategy to get there (not necessarily the same as great communicators per se)
  11. Had never heard of these until now. Have just ordered one based on what it says here. Our fleet of ancient Toyotas will be the envy of sad people everywhere.
  12. It should be borne in mind I was young (18) and stupid. My father was in charge of East Surrey's Police Traffic Department. He had asked one of his Class 1 Police Drivers to volunteer and give me some extra lessons in the evening when I was learning. After I had passed and somewhat unfortunately the same Police Officer caught me on a hand-held radar speed trap on a country lane coming down into Caterham. He rang my Dad to ask what he should do. My Dad said "throw the book at him", so I was prosecuted for "excessive speed in a restricted area" and received a fine and endorsement. All this in a Series 3 Hillman Minx. My "Instructor" helpfully told me that I was a t**t or words to that effect and I received a long lecture. My Dad said remarkably little over the dinner table - the dismissive look said it all (I suspect my Mum acted as advance peace-broker). That's not to say he said nothing - it was short and not that sweet





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