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  1. Surprised he even got that much, YouTube views don't pay as much as people think when you consider how few people watch the Ads and then YouTubes cut.
  2. From what I remember of our last trip, the average speed was a tad more than 35mph
  3. Mclaren seem to think Lando Norris has enough experience, at 18 years of age
  4. Watching now, what a disaster!
  5. Guys, I'm having to bow out of this trip unfortunately due to a family wedding. Before i cancel my hotels, is there anyone that hasn't booked yet and would like to take my reservations or anyone that didn't manage to get those on the list and wants to swap? 1. Dunmuir hotel, Dunbar 2. Ord arms hotel, muir of ord 3. Lochcarron hotel 4. Muthu Fort William hotel I'll wait till the end of the week just in case before cancelling.
  6. I thought you only slated Fismo's, BMW's too?
  7. Official list time lads . 1: Irn Bru + 1 2: ShaunRS +1 3. Rob350 + 1 booked/paid 4: TomBorehamUK +1 Booked 5: Bigjimg + 1 Booked/paid. 6.Brummiestormer+1 7.Miss_Dani350z 8.Hrma+1 9. Nugget AKA - Griff ( son has a Z as well, will let him know)
  8. ...I've warmed to the prospect of No deal.
  9. I have those same floor tiles in my kitchen. I wonder if i can park my car in there...
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