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  1. I shouldn't worry. I don't even have a Zed anymore! Sold it for a 4 seater that is currently knackered and in a garage but I live in hope that I'll be up and running very soon to come and get all nostalgic over some zeds again
  2. That sounds good. I can't make next weekend but should be able to do 22 April. That work for anyone?
  3. Jay Kay


    Sounds usually aren't the same on video as in real life. It will depend what you're watching them though and if it's a phone or cheap computer speakers they will rarely give true sound comparison. Get some one to drive the car past you and have a listen for yourself. I want a HKS for my car as they chirp rather than whoos. My nice expensive turbosmart sound just the same as any 20 quid dumpvalve, hence HKS being popular. If you remove the insert you may as well flog it and get any old dv.
  4. I assume nothing got sorted? I no longer have my Zed but would be up for getting along to look at some cars and chat nonsense for a while.
  5. Hi Martin Real sorry but I'm not going to be able to come along and introduce the Zeds replacement to the gang. Our boy has been Ill recently and while we were discharged from hospital yesterday, unfortunately we're back already and not sure when we'll be out. Hope you enjoy the meet and fingers crossed for the weather. I'll defo try to get to the next one and say hello to everyone. Jamie
  6. I sold my Zed last year but would still like to pop along as I've met a few of you in the past and enjoyed the chats. I'll have lunch too if there is still space? As Coldel didn't take me up on my previous gentle hints that he should sell me his gt4, I'll be in my non-gt4 zed replacement. It's JDM if that helps. Cheers, Jamie
  7. Glad you're liking the new toy. I remember hating the clutch on mine when I first got it. I'm sure there would be plenty of owners with orange leathers that would swap for your black seats as most people hate the orange As for wheels spacers, get them ordered immediately!
  8. Looks like he just drove straight into the side of you so he clearly pulled out without looking. Had he been a quarter of a second early then he might have made it in front of you and you would have driven into the side of him and then it would have been a real problem (without a dash cam) as he could have lied and said he was already half way across the road and you rammed him - possibly even that you slowed to let him out and then you hit him. You got very lucky with this one and having the cam fitted just before the crash. You could have been fractions of a second away from a big nasty mess.
  9. certain review sites allow companies to vet which reviews are shown, which is ridiculous. Sorry to hear of the poor service but I don't understand why the second company said no to the work. Surely all refurbs blast off the finish so you're basically back to metal and the they start again. Foundrys cr@p work shouldn't therefore matter
  10. I can understand this. It's nice making things your own but trying to make cars go far quicker than intended will almost always result in them not working half the time and then draining your wallet and I got bored with that after a while. If you want a faster car, buy one, the agro of making a slower car quicker just isn't worth it Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  11. It was a nice dream while it lasted. Regret my decision already but it really would just have been an ornament on my drive, my wife wasn't exactly on-board and I didn't want to be the person have turned such a lovely car into a rusty old wreck due to not being able to garage it. Hey ho. Any ideas for something fun or quirky to go searching for now? Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks for the replies everyone. I had agreed a price with the owner and got the green light to buy the car. Very excited but also nervous having never owned a classic, knowing I'd hardly ever drive it and would probably therefore regret buying it but mostly as its a lovely old thing that could cost me a fortune if it's a lemon. I went back and forth for days trying to work out whether to pick it up or not, I dont think it's a lemon, it's in good shape and averaged only about 1000 miles per year throughout its life, so decided in the end if I cleared my garage out and it fits then I'm having it. Measured the width and all is well. Measured the door opening and yep, it'll fit through. With a big grin on my face I measured the length and bugger, 10 inches too short. The car is over 45 years old and garaged it's whole life and a few experts said that leaving it out through the winter would destroy it very quickly. I have called the owner today and told him I'm going to step aside as I know someone else is interested. Feeling quite glum about it now Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  13. Dan, I may be in touch shortly for a quote. Any particular number to call for classics? Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk



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