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  1. I didn't cry a bit after you left, honest! But mum was pleased that it's off her drive
  2. Car now sold. I'll let the new owner introduce himself and his purchase. A hassle free sale and a lovely guy. I wish you all the best with the car, I have no doubt you'll enjoy it as much as I have!
  3. New year bump. Really would like to buy a house this year so get in touch if you're interested in the car. Cheers, Ollie.
  4. Saw both of these at the M25 services earlier today...it was me who waved from the HR
  5. Sorry folks, was nursing a hangover yesterday and sitting in front of a bright PC screen wasn't really on the cards ha! I've replied to enduroace1 via PM.
  6. Sorry bud, the cars going because we are trying to buy our first house.
  7. I liked your post but really I wanted a 'don't like' button!
  8. Thanks bud. I've had plenty of interest at the current price but only one person has come to see it so far. People keep saying they want to see it but not coming So all I need now is for Ekona to sell his house or you to sell your M3
  9. I've got some, without tyres, they're the ones that come on the 350z when you don't get Rays, can't remember what they are called. You can have them for free if you can collect from GU14.
  10. Lets not get on Mikes case, it's not the car for him and that's fine That does mean the car is still available. As Mike pointed out (which isn't yet in the first post) the car has LEDs inside and in the side lights and the rear windows were professionally tinted. Both subtle mods that I had forgotten I had done and both can be reversed if necessary (by me or whoever buys it). I also have a stubby in my garage that I'll happily include with the car
  11. It's also got tinted rear windows Mike does a lot of driving (20k+ a year) and needs a car 100% stock to keep his premium down.
  12. Just shown my friend this thread. He is interested. Trying to persuade him to come look (Once he see's it surely it will be sold?!). Will drop you a PM if he is serious. Thanks mate. I can't see why for the price someone wouldn't take it off my hands straight away. HR, GT pack, & Nismo wheels for 8.5k seems like a good price to me (especially when you look at the prices on autotrader).
  13. Yes mate, still available and ready to go. You can come and see it whenever you want, I'll await a PM.
  14. Hey bud, I'm based in Farnborough and TGM have always looked after my zed. Its for sale BTW and within your budget Sent from my One X using Tapatalk





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