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  1. Hi All, looking for a standard exhaust system to replace my current system, I am based in Lymington Hampshire so anything local would be good. Cheers
  2. I would recommend the wheel specialist in fareham did a lovely job on my wheels.
  3. I purchased one from ebay and then had it moulded onto bumper.
  4. Interested if the sale falls through...
  5. get ready to spend , spend , spend.
  6. Where did you get this silver one from? I ordered the grommet online but i cannot remember exactly where from. I will try and find out.
  7. No Not yet mate, to be honest i have not really advertised it. But I do need it gone now. I need to get my post count up to advertise on her.
  8. The grommit was purchased online and the painted to match car. I will try and remember where it was purchased.
  9. I now need to sell this car. Can I please have some suggestions what its worth now.



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