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  1. Buying my Zed Saturday

    Hello and welcome. Good luck. Looks like you have a bit of a project on your hands, if you choose to go down the rocket bunny route.
  2. Still representing the Welsh Chapter

    Aye we are still here too.
  3. Moving on.

    Shame you are getting rid, wont be able to see the Black Roadster at meets.
  4. Welcome from another in west wales. Working in Swansea at the moment.
  5. Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    Andy James + Kat Shezza Valy Keyser Paul k + Dawn Nso93 Humpy G1en Rickdon VeilsideZ Andy-Muxlow +1 possibly Bob94 Buster and Netti Winkj(if I get her back) Teejay+1 Flashback Modo +1
  6. Good for you hope you get a good result. Time they were shut down.
  7. Squeak when cold & Idle

    I would say belts too
  8. POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    Just my humour
  9. Lexx Goes Gold

    Yes thanks Lexx, met you in Coventry. I can second what the others have said. Thank you very much, all the best.
  10. TRAXShow@silverstone

    Here we are arriving there
  11. TRAXShow@silverstone

    Yes a big thanks to Andy for organising this event. Good to catch up, dont know what event is next. Hope you got home ok. Let us know what exactly broke off or sheared and what the fix was. Until the next time.
  12. TRAXShow@silverstone

    Washed and polished mine yesterday then had to wash it again today. Travelled up from Pembrokeshire to Basingstoke today. Poured down the first 120 miles. The remaining 130 miles were good. £38:00 for fuel so far.