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  1. Hello folks, Car failed MOT today only on passenger wiper jet being blocked. I was told there is a six week backlog on new wipers from Nissan. Does anyone have any ideas on a suggested fix to unblock? I saw some other posts around valve replacements from Halfords but unfortunately it doesn't mean much to me, not even sure what I'm looking for. I'm not very handy, but happy to give something easy a go or direct my local garage to do it based on any recommendations here! Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the instructions. Would you PM me your price for OEM clutch pedal set up? Thanks,
  3. Hi ZMANALEX, I'm pretty sure everything is stock so it would be the stock CSC. Yes, I'm running RJM pedal system. It's been fettled with by 2x of the main specialists on here in order to get adjustments right - it's never felt quite 100% correct. The instructions for the RJM kit talk a bit about challenges whilst bleeding without OEM on. I was told by one of the specialists that they especially struggled because not familiar with kit and had issues bleeding. I actually test drove another 350z today, same year as mine, a HR. Clutch feel was dramatically lighter and shifting was so much better and apparently that was completely stock clutch. Thanks,
  4. Hello folks, posting here in the hope that someone maybe able to offer some advice on 2008 HR. For the last 4/5 months, I've noticed that my clutch biting point changes depending on whether it's hot or cold. When cold the biting point is much lower to floor which lots of travel before it engages, and somewhat slow to rise back to the top. When I've been driving for 20 mins the clutch returns to exactly what I feel it should be. Relatively high, but no more travel or play in clutch and engages almost straight away. What also makes diagnoses slightly harder is that I have the RJM Clutch Assembly Kit fitted to the car (and I stupidly threw away the OEM pedal kit) so bleeding it can be even more difficult than usual. At first I thought it was going to be a complete clutch job (which I thought seemed unusual at 57k on the clock), but after talking it to one of the specialist garages, and them taking a look and providing some adjustments and a bleed it felt much improved for a week or so but the problem now seems to have returned. I'd hate to spend a fortune on the clutch only for it to still be an issue hence my post. I've looked on the forum and people seem to suggest either slave, flexi hose issues or not being bled correctly. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions or similar experience based on the symptoms. Especially with it just being an issue when the car is cold. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello folks, Clutch has started to slip on my 08 350z so going to bite the bullet and get it all done. I've got no plans to run big power, so it's more about finding one that gives the lightest and nicest clutch feel as I do mostly town driving. Does anyone have some recommendations? Also, what should I consider having done at the same time? I heard somewhere about adding braided lines with heatshield? Thanks for any advice given,
  6. Hello all, Hoping to get some guidance please! So I have a 350z 08 HR and a while ago had an aftermarket radio fitted by a specialist. Everything was put back together ok. Recently, I changed the cubby lid because it was all scratched up. I had such a mare putting everything back together and along with forgetting which screws go where, I can't seem to get the panel to go back on flush: Can anyone tell me, is that console panel sit flush on their 350z? or is there a gap? Also, where is the best place to push the radio wires behind the unit so it will go back in flush? Pushing them up and behind results in that gap, and pulling them beneath prevents the white air con box going all the way back in. I know it's a really basic issue to have but it's frustrating the hell out of me, I spent 2 hours earlier trying to get it all to fit and simply couldn't! Any suggestions or help would be really appreciate. Thanks,
  7. I'm also in Bristol, seems like there is a small group of us. We should do a mini meet soon?!
  8. Thanks a lot. Looks like I'll be going for a set of PS4 then! Unfortunately, the front sizes seem to be out of stock on Blackcircles so will wait for them to come in 😁
  9. Thanks for the advice. I'd watched this video albeit a while ago and I seem think that there wasn't much in it but a big price difference. Have you driven on both? Is it worth the extra money? Thanks Edit: another comparison video
  10. A quick update, took the car for it's 54k service at Horsham Developments. My first time using the folks there, no idea how some lowered cars make it up that country lane😅and never seen so many Zeds in one place: £715 later, service was complete, inspection was done and got the car on the dyno to see what power it's making as I know 350z are often down on power: 299.1 FWHP which I don't think is too bad at all. You can watch the second run. A few bits to be done coming out of the inspection, mostly bush replacements on the compression arms and rear diff so will get that sorted in the coming weeks. Plus going to get a set of Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 all around. Ordered a few bits that I'm looking forward to fitting including new double din radio (with a BEST BITS trim piece all the way from the US, as that seems to be the only type that actually fits properly), RJM Clutch Pedal kit to improve the crazy high clutch biting point in the Zeds and finally OpenTop boot springs so the boot will finally pop open correctly 😅
  11. Hello all, New to the forum and to Zed ownership. I had some issues with the car going into limp mode and throw P1233 (Throttle Valve Control: Circuit Defective) and P1239 (Throttle Valve Position Sensor: Faulty). It only happens in very cold temperatures but it is really annoying having to clear the OBD codes each time to get the car functioning again. I took the car to Horsham Developments and they said it looks like the throttle body valves have some corrosion and dirt. They said that although cleaning only takes an hour, it can throw off throttle positioning and this needs ECU work done. Total cost around £500. I'm not technically minded at all but after a bit of research, I assume that I can just replace the throttle bodies which upgraded ones as I'm already half way there with the cost of that fix I thought if I'm going to spend that much just on cleaning, I might as well just replace throttle bodies entirely with upgraded ones as I do plan to remap the car in the future. Out of the two of these, which would be better for the HR engine: https://www.torqen.uk/specials/simplistic-garage/68555-simplistic-garage-complete-75mm-throttle-body-kit-hrvhr2003-vq35hrvq37vhr-g35-07-08-350z-g37fx37-370z-infiniti-q50-q60.html or https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/intakes/throttle-bodies/15488-350z-hr-eps-tuning-70mm-big-bore-throttle-body-kit-bb70-kit.html Or is there any other options that I might have missed? Appreciate any help or guidance, thanks!
  12. Hello all, Thought it was time to get my build thread going. A few weeks ago I picked up an 08 350z GT HR, with 53k on the clock. I ended up paying about £10.6k which for the current pricing hikes didn't think was too bad for the exact model. I've owned a few different cars (and bikes) in the past including a Clio 182 Trophy and a Fabia VRS but moved to London 7 years ago and got rid of my car. I've recently moved to Bristol and it was a good excuse to get a performance car again but there wasn't much else around 10k that I found interesting. I specifically wanted a HR model for the better performance out of the box and this one seemed to fit the bill. I do have a few things planned over time but here are some photos of the car in it's standard form as it was in the ad: I have modest plans for the Zed. A few bolt on changes and then a remap, not expecting much but would like to 'optimise' it. Maybe a few subtle exterior mods, but I like it looking OEM plus so nothing crazy. More to come.
  13. First post reserved for latest photos.
  14. Thanks for the response. From what I can tell from Googling. This US site (https://www.proimporttuners.com/parts/2005-nissan/350z-enkei-raijin-wheels.html) seems to list the width and offsets that would fit for both the 18" and 19": Universal(18x8, 5x100, 35mm, Hyper Silver) Universal(18x8, 5x100, 45mm, Hyper Silver) Universal(18x8, 5x100, 45mm, Matte Black) Universal(18x8, 5x114.3, 40mm, Hyper Silver) Universal(18x8, 5x114.3, 40mm, Matte Black) Universal(18x8, 5x114.3, 45mm, Hyper Silver) Universal(18x8, 5x114.3, 45mm, Matte Black) Universal(18x8.5, 5x100, 45mm, Hyper Silver) Universal(18x8.5, 5x100, 45mm, Matte Black) Universal(18x8.5, 5x114.3, 35mm, Hyper Silver) Universal(18x8.5, 5x114.3, 35mm, Matte Black) Universal(18x8.5, 5x114.3, 38mm, Hyper Silver) Universal(18x8.5, 5x114.3, 38mm, Matte Black) Universal(18x8.5, 5x114.3, 50mm, Hyper Silver) Universal(18x8.5, 5x114.3, 50mm, Matte Black) Universal(18x8.5, 5x120, 38mm, Gunmetal Matte Silver) Universal(18x8.5, 5x120, 38mm, Hyper Silver) Universal(18x8.5, 5x120, 38mm, Matte Black) Universal(18x9.5, 5x100, 45mm, Hyper Silver) Universal(18x9.5, 5x100, 45mm, Matte Black) Universal(18x9.5, 5x112, 35mm, Hyper Silver) Universal(18x9.5, 5x114.3, 15mm, Matte Black) Universal(18x9.5, 5x114.3, 35mm, Copper) Universal(18x9.5, 5x114.3, 35mm, Hyper Silver) Universal(18x9.5, 5x114.3, 35mm, Matte Black) Universal(19x8, 5x114.3, 40mm, Hyper Silver) Universal(19x8, 5x114.3, 40mm, Matte Black) Universal(19x8, 5x114.3, 45mm, Matte Black) Universal(19x8.5, 5x114.3, 50mm, Matte Black) Universal(19x8.5, 5x120, 38mm, Hyper Silver) Universal(19x8.5, 5x120, 38mm, Matte Black) Universal(19x9.5, 5x114.3, 15mm, Hyper Silver) Universal(19x9.5, 5x114.3, 35mm, Matte Black) Really sorry for the stupid questions, beyond the listing of 18 and 19 how would I know which of the options is the best fit for my Zed? Thanks!
  15. Hello all, First post on the forum as I'm just about to go and collect my 08 350z HR and one of the first things I'd like to do is change the alloys. It's been a while since I've done anything with cars so I apologise in advance for the noob questions. I'm looking at the Enkei Raijin as I really like the style but stuck between getting either the 18" or 19" inch versions. I prefer the 19" look and assume it will fill the arch better but also wondering if I'd have any fitment issues if I choose to lower the car later on? Which alloys of this size would it still be likely that I'd need to use spacers to fit flush with the edge of the car? Also, when it comes to tyres, what sizes would be limited to with the 19"? Any other thoughts or input on 18" vs 19" would be welcomed. Appreciate the help! Thanks,
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