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  1. Any higher quality photos? Only thumbnails seem to have been uploaded Cheers
  2. Lloyd - is this still for sale? I might be looking to get back in a 350z after a year away!
  3. Out of all the fnf actors he was the only one with an excessive passion for cars Never personally had the opportunity to find out but he wasnt a hollywood stuck up actor always had time to talk to normal people, He became a competitive driver in the Time attack series and a few other series, Most of all he start the Reach out world wide organisation to help out the worse of in country that disasters have taken hold of, and he didnt sign check there are loads of images/videos of him out doing the aid work himself getting his hands dirty But for a lot of people he and the res
  4. I don't see a problem with the sound, if you're going to the shops (or want to be inconspicous) just keeps the revs below 2,500! Or if you want to scare grannies, punch it
  5. I use an SSD for everything and it is so much quicker!
  6. just saw this! short video clip here http://www.topgear.com/uk/car-news/top-gear-perfect-road-trip-behind-the-scenes-2013-11-08
  7. I've been to both and would recommend either
  8. Mikesding


    Oh dear, so I'm a chav and I have the worse looking car, not a good day for me
  9. I have the same problem, end up using the supermarket pressure washer but it's not ideal - you end up holding up other people
  10. s2000 could be a good shout, still think they look good too! Or you could buy two RX8s, one as a spare?
  11. Audi A2's are quite cheap now, and the diesel ones got 55-60 MPG, and quite lightweight etc - just a different idea for you
  12. Weather forecasts a day in advance are sketchy, let alone a month in advance!
  13. Remember that the 'S' class cars are meant to be their super luxurious and a bit quicker cars - not all out sports car (ala RS) but I do agree, the new turbo'd engines in the Audi's don't have anything on their old V8s ps. 30k on a 3 year old car!? Deep pockets... could have bought a previous gen RS4, or even an e92 M3 for that money!
  14. If you're passing pop in again... Where are you based out of interest?
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