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  1. made by smoothline in the USA https://www.smoothline.com/nissan-350z don't think there available anymore ?
  2. Yep, its that time of year again, MOT.....passed no advisories and a big thank you for Horsham Dev for another year of service and fettling when needed and advice when not. 2005 350Z on 82000 miles Now owned the car for 5 years and she still puts a smile on my face.
  3. Help, car 350Z in for MOT Thursday is the rear washer part of the MOT as the motor or connection has failed, no motor running when switch activated ,fronts are fine as are the headlight washers, I have ordered the blueprint rear pump but it wont arrive until after the MOT .
  4. bytespc

    Nismo Brake/Pads

    Based on your location Cougar Store Leicester is your best bet, when the time comes.
  5. Empty Countryside and some pretty good roads too
  6. hmmmm we sort of thought as much, didn't realise it was quite so far though
  7. Hi peeps, just about to move to a little village called Hagworthingham nr Spilsby Lincolnshire and wondered if anyone knew of the best place for servicing and MOT of my old 350Z ? All help gratefully received
  8. Excellent news ...well green here it's a cracker
  9. Lovely looking car but at 1.31 there's already a hole in the vinyl roof
  10. bytespc


    A lot of what you say is true to a point but for me one of the big sea change events was when successive governments withdrew support for care homes , in the 6 years up to 2016 1,500 closed , also the disgusting removal of support for the cerebral palsy / special needs schools which lead to mass closures and the inevitable pressure that put on local infrastructure , one of the hardest items I ever watched on Southern TV was an interview with a young lad as they closed the Portsmouth special needs school that had been there for decades and how he was dreading being forced into mainstream schools where he will inevitably be bullied endlessly. We are supposed to be a civilised society but how we treat our Elderly / Sick or infirm beggars belief, on a personal level walking with sticks and slowly and ungainly I am attacked verbally on an almost daily basis thanks to governments tainting disabled as scroungers / scum who suck the life out of our economy ( thanks Duncan Smith ), also as I drive a 350Z with a Disability Badge the abuse is never ending...because of course Disabled aren't allowed anything nice because it must be at the expense of others. I'm off to have a cuppa .
  11. bytespc


    Sorry to hear about your woes, here's hoping you get better soon and they find the root of your drastic crash. Having been in and out of Hospitals for the past 25 years with a chronic Arthritis and Heart issue I totally agree with you on the standard of our care system, I now have many friends in the NHS who have privately told me the same thing ref the problem with the system but it's not PC or palatable for many but it is the truth, years ago the NHS was quietly taken over by the Liberal / Lefty Elite who decided it was no longer a National Health Service but an International one and without anyone voting for it started treating any foreigner who racked up, there is a system in place for supposedly getting them to pay but the culture within the system is now so screwed up that anyone attempting to follow up a non payment is vilified as racist. A&E is now effectively a Dr's surgery as GP's are so overwhelmed by the influx of non English speakers that they simply cant cope any more. Sorry if this offends anyone but this is my ongoing first hand experience and as I said the view of a lot of Health Professionals who if they voice any decent will instantly be struck off,
  12. bytespc

    M O T

    Thanks to Abbey for my M O T and Aircon regass Passed no advisories.
  13. Fabulous job...well done that man
  14. Slave....had mine done this year at Horsham Dev....the parts are cheap but the labour is the kicker....unless you can do it yourself of course
  15. https://www.autocodes.com/p1167_nissan.html from google





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