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  1. So droplinks 90 degrees to the swaybar? Ok il give that a go thanks!
  2. My knocks were caused by droplink on front left and aftra while they eventully snapped i was only dropped 15mm but with eibach swaybars
  3. I have eibach anti rollbars and recently over the course of a year iv snapped 3 oem front drop links... my car is ownly lowered 25mm. So i have bought adjustable droplinks and set the sway bar so its horizontal and also hooked the link to the softest setting on rollbar.. however after a spirited drive iv noticed my frontend soaking up every pothole and dip on the road, to the point it shook the back and i could feel it losing traction. If i remember correctly with the oem ones the swaybar was sitting slightly higher around 20-25degrees. Iv read that to setup droplinks handtighten till it loads then tighten. But no matter how i set it up it was preloaded and couldnt hand adjust so just set them up the swaybar horizontal to the ground. After some reading on websites they say it should be 10-20degrees? Some say horizontal. What should i do?
  4. I got them on mine fine so far
  5. How do I order from here? Will it fit my V35 Skyline?
  6. Gear surround or where sub is..
  7. How much are they roughly? Its ok found them
  8. Im sure i read somewhere theres a weight in the bootlid somewhere too..
  9. You mean connect the two wires at sensor unit? Il give that a try when it stops raining. Yeh its a silly glowshift thing from the states only chose the set because it had purple to go with my colour scheme at the time.
  10. My v35 doesnt have oem oil gauge. So just get a mechanical pressure gauge from harlfords or something and plug it to the block? Where would be best location to plug it to?
  11. I had some gauges in for a while now and all have been working fine until recently my oil pressure gauge just sits at zero no matter if im idle or driving at any given speed. Before on cold start gauge would switch on do a sweep and sit at 80-90psi then after car warms up it would sit 20-30psi. Now it goes to max psi and slowly drops down to zero and stays there. I have checked all wiring replaced sender unit and still same.. is it possible gauge isnt working? Or do i actually have no pressure? But surely if I had no oil pressure the dash lights would flash? Iv also done an oil change while i was under. Is there any other way I can test? The car seems fine no knocking noises and sounds fine... oil levels are fine.
  12. Just remembered I have a build thread.. well things werent going well last year, I wanted to open up the headlights to spray the inside black or colourmatch the body colour. Stuck it in the oven got distracted came back to melted headlights and the list goes on... will update with pictures soon the phone i had at the time brand new htc m9+ touch screen died so trying to get the pictures out of the old one.
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