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  1. I'm going ahead with a Quicksilver exhaust for my Infiniti G37, hopefully it will give it a great sound, especially when using the paddle shifters.
  2. Hi guy's has anyone heard of this company, if so, are they any good.
  3. Hi guys, so I have been enjoying my car through the summer and now I'm thinking of an exhaust upgrade, what are your thoughts, nothing too loud just for example I was about to for a Miltek system to my 350Z before I traded it in for my G37.
  4. RafsZed

    My Z

  5. Fitted on the Infiniti no problem
  6. Definitely Horsham Developments talk to Jez
  7. Hi guys has anyone fitted these in their car, I've been told they are similar to cosworth air filters.
  8. Hi guys as some of you know, I've traded in my beloved 350Z for a lovely G37 convertible, I'm planning on keeping the car standard but was wondering if it's worth dropping in a pair of Cosworth air filters, doubt it will make any performance gains but might give the car a touch more growl, worth doing or not? And if I did would it mess with the cars ecu set up?
  9. Now the kids can with me, looking forward to trying out those paddles with rev matching
  10. Fully loaded for £19,950 a new one costs £47,000 ouch
  11. Well guys, I've done it, traded in my lovely Z for a mint 2011 G37 convertible with only 11,900 miles on the clock, full service history new mot. Pics to follow
  12. That's very good news, thanks for that quick reply.
  13. Hi guy's, I have traded in my 350Z for a 2011 Infiniti G37 convertible , my question is will my wheel spacers I got on this car fit on the Infinityi, they are 20 front and 25 rear, if not what are they worth as I will sell them.
  14. Hi guy's, the time has come to part with my lovely car, if your looking or know of anyone looking please get in touch, the car is mint and can be seen at http://www.pistonhea...---2009/4330546





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