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  1. Nice one thanks bro, I wasn’t going to cos of the faf and money so I’ll just stick to the original plan. Thanks for the help. much appreciated ✔️
  2. The ones I’m thinking on getting has that all with it so should work, would you recommend getting a radiator cooler fans to go along side the new radiator.
  3. Hey all this is my first post on here as iv just got myself a 350z. Quick rundown I don’t have any Experience in modding/installing new parts to cars so this is my first time trying 😂. But I want to try and do this myself as it’s kind of a project for me. I’m looking to install a new radiator and a new oil cooler to my 2004 350z. What I want to know, if I was to do this, is there anything else I’ll need to get aka parts or other components to make this effective. If I’m going to fit a new oil cooler and radiator, would it be beneficial to get new fans as well to go with it. If so how complex is it to change al these on a driveway being jacked up. 1 - 10 on a difficulty scale. If you have any tips or tricks I’d be greatly appreciative. thanks all.
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