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Found 3 results

  1. Its been sometime since we been on this forum , work been very busy and the last 2 years have been stressful. So last year I raced a Motorbike Suzuki Minitwin in the Bemsee Series , but decided as I am getting old and after a few crashes maybe it is time to return to racing 4 wheels , some of you may remember this car from a while ago when it was the @TeamLizard 350Z race car things have changed and we now own the car so after a tidy up and some upgrades we are ready to race again in the BRSCC Clubsport Trophy this year , pairing up with another ex Motorcycle race Steve Jordan. Been testing and happy with our times we are running on the Zestino Gredge 07RS MEDIUM so not a Super sticky tyre like a Dunlop DJ03 running over 45mins with a driver change. You can keep up with our times/race position @ TSL Timing https://www.tsl-timing.com/event/221531 Timetable-Snetterton-16-17-April.pdf
  2. NISSAN 350Z HR TRACKDAY CAR Built from a base model car from new 10000miles from new (see picture) Plumbed in fire extinguisher/Motordrive race seats fitted + full harness's(drivers side floor modified) Plastic windows front window kit (electric windows with you will need fitting) Single piece flywheel/uprated clutch and uprated Clutch slave concentric BC coil over kit/Motordyno roll bars/DBA Front and Rear discs Abbey Motorsport Oil cooler kit/Trust Greddy large sump kit Full Cusco Chromoly bolt in roll cage with door bars Motordyne XYZ De-cats with UPREV Re-map Gearbox rebuilt 1409 kg with 1/2 tank fuel All major work carried out by Abbey Motorsport Owners carried out a lot of the extra add ones looking in the region of offers of 10K Any enquiries please email mark@abbeymotorsport.co.uk
  3. Superpro bushes have been widely regarded as the best available for a long time now We have been selling them a good while and never had any issues, I have been working on the kit listings recently as they can be a little difficult to work out whats what. Here is a link to the full kits below, they should be self explanatory now but any questions let me know. https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/shopby?tmcspz_brands=180&cars=4&dir=desc&limit=12&order=price SuperPro is a world leader in bushing design using the highest quality raw materials SuperPro’s brand DNA is built on technical superiority Raw materials are at the cutting edge of material performance. This is fundamentally how SuperPro can uniquely have better performance, but still maintain soft energy absorption attributes to minimise noise, vibration & harshness (“NVH”) Other major bushing manufacturers utilise lower specification materials which result in lower performance and NVH properties SUPERPRO FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS RIDE QUALITY I use my car daily, will fitting SuperPro make the ride uncomfortable? No. Due to the unique properties of the raw material and the design techniques used to manufacture SuperPro Polyurethane bushes they will not cause any extra noise, vibration or harshness (NVH) over the standard rubber bushes. This makes them suitable for road cars and race cars a like. Does the colour of your bushes indicate how hard the ride will be when fitted? No. SuperPro bushes are supplied in one standard colour: Blue. SuperPro believes that it is important to supply a bush that is designed to achieve the optimum performance for its location on the car – without creating a harsh or uncomfortable ride. This means that a car may need bushes of three or four different materials to deliver the best improvement in suspension performance without creating excessive levels of NVH. Colour coding by material hardness would result in either specifying multi-coloured car kits of varying hardness of materials, or kits of one colour and hardness which would compromise performance. Will I improve my handling by fitting SuperPro Polyurethane Suspension bushes? Yes, by fitting SuperPro bushes you will experience consistent steering geometry, and enhanced handling and control of any vehicle as it does not deteriorate as rubber will. Due to SuperPro's unique Polyurethane material and design features, stricter tolerances can be used which will give you improved performance characteristics such as; better road holding, increased tyre life, more responsive steering, and longer service life of suspension components. Should I fit SuperPro Polyurethane Bushes for motorsport applications? Yes - including Off Road and track competition use. As SuperPro bushes offer improved handling performance over rubber, they are ideal for use in racing, rallying and other forms of motorsport. They are especially beneficial when a competition car is also used on the road and where nylon bushes or solid joints are not appropriate. FITMENT Are they difficult to fit? All SuperPro bushes can be fitted with normal workshop tools and equipment. Where necessary, grease is supplied for effective operation and to assist fitment, but in many cases the most difficult job will be removing the old bush! Do you recommend using grease with SuperPro bushes? In all the locations on a vehicle where bushes have a pivoting action, it is essential that grease is used. Due to the characteristics of Polyurethane, and the way in which the bushes behave, they start to act as bearings instead of just a gap filler, and as little friction in movement as possible is vital to avoid uncomfortable increases in Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH). All SuperPro kits include grease where necessary; of course we do not include grease where it is not necessary for the performance of the component to do so. PRODUCT LIFE What is the life expectancy of SuperPro Polyurethane Bushes? As SuperPro’s Polyurethane material is not affected by petrochemicals, water, salt, daylight and is extremely resistant to abrasion, with normal use SuperPro bushes will last up to six times longer than original rubber components. The material also remembers it’s shape - long after a rubber bush will have ‘Set’ in a distorted position. WARRANTY Do SuperPro Polyurethane Bushes come with a warranty? Yes 3 years or 36,000 Miles (60,000Km) GENERAL My car has been lowered, can I still fit SuperPro Bushes? Yes. Lowering a car actually puts more stress on the original bushes and will make them deteriorate faster. By fitting a lowering kit on your car and keeping the original bushes you will not get the best from it as the suspensions arms will still be able to move making the cars geometry unstable. Fitting SuperPro to the car help keep all the suspension arms in the correct position – even under heavy cornering. SuperPro also offers the option of caster & camber adjustment bushes which can help compensate for geometry changes as a result of lowering. Are your bushes a copy of the originals? No. Due to the different way Polyurethane works. This requires the design of the bush to be different than the original rubber bush. This can give SuperPro bushes a major advantage over the standard rubber versions as they can eliminate problems where the rubber bushes are prone to premature failure. Are SuperPro Polyurethane Bushes available for classic cars? Yes, we have an extensive range of bushes available for classic cars. If you do not have my car listed in your catalogue, could you still help me? We may be able to match your requirements from our existing range of over 6000 part numbers. It may also be possible to modify an existing bush or we could supply you with a polyurethane billet for you to machine yourself. We also have an ongoing program of range development and expansion. How many of each SuperPro bush kit do I need per location? Generally only one. SuperPro bush kits are assembled to include all the components needed to replace the bushes on both sides of the car in the same location. The exception to this is if the same bush kit is used on the front and rear of the vehicle, if both the front and rear bushes are required two bush kits will need to be purchased in this situation. Is it cheaper to buy a complete set of bushes for my car? Yes. SuperPro has many applications where the individual bush kits can be purchased separately or as a complete kit – these kits are cheaper to buy than the individual bush kits together. If there are no kits listed for your application please contact us and we will try to accommodate your needs. My car pulls to one side, can you help? Yes. SuperPro has a range of caster and camber adjusting bush kits for various models. These can be used when the cars original geometry settings have gone beyond the factory adjustments.
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