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  1. I wouldn't trust direct line, I used them many years ago when I first got my import and after insuring me for 2 years they told me on renewal that they didn't insure imports and I had told them it was a UK spec 350Z (I had been very clear it was a Fairlady Z and not a UK spec 350Z every time I talked to them) and if I had suffered an accident I would not have been covered. Haven't gone back to them since as I just don't trust them any more.
  2. Found the issue, it was one of the fuses hidden away in that hard to reach fuse box behind the battery (literally the last one I checked after pulling everything else out).
  3. Decided it's time to get my JDM back on the road again after a few years of it just sitting around and I'm having some issues with the fog light. There doesn't seem to be any power getting down to it so I pulled the switch out of the dash to see how it was wired up. It looks like it has been wired into the TCS button wiring, one line into the black wire and one into a red/blue wire. Anybody got any idea where these go? There doesn't seem to be any voltage across the wires, but my TCS button seems to still be working (pressing it toggles the TCS light on the dashboard). I've checked the fuses and they don't look blown. Scratching my head a bit trying to work out what to do next, it used to work in the past so at some point there was clearly power across these wires.
  4. I'm using Petronas SYNTIUM 5000 AV.
  5. JDM brakes have about the same stopping power as the brembos, they just fade a bit quicker. Unless you're on the track you really shouldn't notice the difference. You will notice the difference when they seize up though like mine just have, only put in new EBC disks and pads about a month ago and now I'm looking at new callipers (will be a Torqen set as soon as I have the money together). Quite annoyed that they didn't go before I spent all that money on the new disks, ah well something to sell on I guess...
  6. New panel air filter ordered yesterday and it's here today! Awesomely quick service I'll be back for the callipers as soon as my bank balance allows it
  7. 1. tommoger 2. allaboutthepasty 3. Andy10v 4. SuperStu 5. matt3579 6. rippo350z 7. RichKitch 8. Bry 9. Bababongles 10. Djb92 11. sfield21 12. SlickRick 13. o_O_350_O_o 14. Steve_c123 15. Mr P 16. simonlap 17. Cyder 18. Niz 19. Rich260 20. Ardesco
  8. Looks like AME just do race car work now so I'm stuck for somebody I can trust to work on my zed. Anybody got any recommendations?
  9. Funniest I've heard is one of the kids at my sons school asking him if it was a BMW 350Z..
  10. I got 6 points and a hefty fine for doing 68 down here (No roadworks when I was going down there): https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.8926556,-1.1620436,3a,75y,203.53h,77.25t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sSu01b8ANqz-_J7niAbo8Zw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1 I was most annoyed as it used to be a national speed limit, but it's now changed to 40 (There is only one small repeater hidden in a bush) so I genuinely thought I was being sensible. They were stopping everybody who went past, they have now actually put the 40MPH sign up at the entrance to the road. I got hauled into court and they weren't interested in anything I had to say and refused to look at the pictures showing that there was no speed limit sign at the entrance to the road, and that the only sign was hidden in a bush. I was told to be grateful that I kept my license and that they were going to be lenient with me because I needed to be able to drive for work.
  11. What a horrific plate, if you remove the E, the 5 and the first K...
  12. Look exactly the same as the ones posted on here in another thread, but that thread seems to have disappeared. They look good, but I don't see any reason for the rear brake lights, the Zed has enough brake lights already IMHO. I'd rather have all fog light.
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