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  1. Tv Advice from fellow Tech geeks please

    If you can afford to go OLED then go for it, Samsung do not make OLED, and the QLED is not the same, just an improved version of quantum dot, however i would always go for biggest you can afford, and at those viewing distances you will not really get the benefit of UHD even with a 65" screen, you really need to be closer. I sit around 12 feet from my Samsung 65" set, however i wouldn't go Samsung again after going through four sets and having problems with all, my,next set will be LG OLED
  2. Bike Project.

    Quick update and some pics that will actually show (THANKS PHOTOBUCKET!:apoke:)!Did a quick tank repaint, just a rattle can job so not perfect but will do for now, also just took the misses out for the first time...loved it...apart from the large bumps, doing well, hard tails at our age.:D
  3. diy individual throttle bodies

    Nice offer Andy, shame i don't have the 350GT any more, i would have loved to have a go at mapping the VQ, only done turbo cars in the past, but never from scratch, always had a base to start from, good luck with it.
  4. Brake fluid questions...

    DOT 3 and 4 are the same save for the higher heat tolerance/boiling point, they are both hydroscope and will adsorb water readily, if you want a higher still boiling point go for DOT 5, these are all glycol based and will be fine with the synthetic rubber brake components, You can even flush and use silicone fluid, its just the other way around that you can get problems as the rubber intended for silicone fluid can be attacked by glycol based fluids.
  5. diy individual throttle bodies

    Great to hear, sounds like the Link was the way to go, looking forward to hearing it used in earnest, its a nice feeling to have a project work out as intended,are you going to map it on the rollers, or on the road to start with?
  6. Just in case you think its too hot here!

    Been seeing 33c from the outside temp gauge...in the shade here in Norfolk, today started better with some cloud and just 24c but soon climbed to 29c with 78% humidity, i have spent most of the weekend sat in front of two fans....hate the heat!
  7. Uneven acceleration, Nissan want £1000 to fix!

    Coil pack issues usually show up when the engine has thoroughly warmed up and under load rather than just pulling away etc, as the higher the cylinder pressures the harder it is for the coil/plug to ignite the mixture.
  8. Uneven acceleration, Nissan want £1000 to fix!

    I would very much doubt its down to the O2 sensors, and you would only need the main sensors not the cat monitor sensors, as these are not used for fuel metering anyway. I would be looking at a throttle relearn as this is the most likly cause for erratic throttle/hesitation, followed by investigating cam/crank position sensors which can be expensive to replace, but i would not trust that particular garage.
  9. living in a bubble

    I didn't bother to vote today...lost confidence in any of them........i vote Muppet...as that what we will get. i also seldom watch the news, haven't bought a paper in years either, so your not the only one.
  10. P0014 & P0024 - never ending issue

    Could be down to cam chain stretch, this can cause the position sensors to keep throwing errors.
  11. Deteriorating Alluminium Engine Parts

    The trouble is once the alloy they use for engine castings has started to oxidize, unless you can remove every trace, it will just come back in a few month's if you lacquer it, polish and keep polished and some wax wont hurt.
  12. London Attacks

    I am sure the police. secret service etc could do far more....but for the PC namby panmby constraints that we have allowed various governments to put on them, yet we are the ones standing around throwing blame and what if's.
  13. London Attacks

    Its our own fault for letting this country become a nice cushy safe haven for all and sundry, it needs re titling from "Great Britain" to "Pathetic Britain" because that's what its become,and how most of the world see us! rant over!
  14. One for the Forum Cleaver Glogs

    No worries! i think you may be right about the paranoia and thanks! its a long time since i was called a young man.
  15. One for the Forum Cleaver Glogs

    Well the center electrode of the plugs should have a flat end with reasonable well defined edges anyway, did you check to see if the gap had opened up in comparison with the others? When you say it looked worse than the others and sooty, that could just mean that its running a little rich at idle which could just be down to bad injector spray pattern, doesn't sound like a lot to worry about.