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  1. I'm very interested in this. Just popped you a PM. Cheers.
  2. You're absolutely right - Z4's, M3's, SLK's, tons of them here but I get lots of smiles when I'm driving around in the Datsun
  3. Hi everyone, got my 370 about a month ago and been delighted with it, having had a 350 a few years back. Decided to get a few bits done because I just can't resist, so took it into Abbey Motorsport (who were fantastic) and got the following: - Milltek non resonated cat back - Cobra hi flow CAT - Eibach pro springs & camber kit - Ecutek remap with 4 maps Whilst I love the sound of a cold air intake, I'm told and read that they make no difference to performance, in fact may decrease slightly, so have stuck with the K&N drop ins. I've posted the results below, which I'm pretty happy with. Biggest difference performance wise is mid-range which now feels a lot more responsive plus the fantastic sound coming out of the tail pipes, particularly on the downshift with Synchrorev! Oh and that fact that speed bumps have once again become my greatest nemesis. Next up is brakes and tyres. I want to get new alloys but I think I'll have to buy the other half a holiday before I get away with that... The forum has been incredibly helpful reading when deciding what to get done, so thank you to everyone who contributes! Will post some pics soon. Cheers, Darren
  4. It's everything i remember and a little more! I think the 350 has a better front, the 370 a better rear - both are wonderful cars. I must admit the 'luxuries' of the newer sat nav, parking camera and build quality are nice additions. The extra horses are great but not a huge difference.
  5. they do in the USA over here Tsw are one of the halfords chav brands This is essentially exactly what I want my Z to look like. Even if its a bit chav in the US ; )
  6. Awesome, thanks for the links and advice. In terms of what I like, I prefer simple with brushed steel or gunmetal my favoured colour.S ome of my favourites... Forgestar F14's - http://projexuk.com/wheels/forgestar/f14/brushed Rohana RC7's - http://www.elementwheels.com/products.asp?cat=11356 Avant Garde M368 - http://www.avantgardewheels.com/m368.php I am utterly useless when it comes to alloys though so I'm not sure if other brands have similar looks (I'm sure they do), I also don't really know what the best brands are and if there's any to avoid. Again, any thoughts on the above choices or similar, or just ones you think look cool please let me know : ) Cheers
  7. Hi all, I want to fit new wheels to my 370 but am having a horrible time of deciding what to go for. I've looked at tons of sites and photos but my preference is to see them in the flesh. Are there any particuarly good shops/outlets anyone knows of that stock lots of examples so I can see them all in one place? I'm in Essex but willing to travel a fair distance if there's any really good places around. Cheers, Darren
  8. Hi everyone. After a very sad when I had to sell my 350z five years ago I'm delighted to be back in the Z game having just bought a 2010 370z GT - HOORAY!!!! I'm in love with the car and it's wonderful feeling that little bit special again when driving about, not something you get in a 3 series! I drove to Wales and back (I'm in Southend) and I didn't see one other 370 and still only two 350's. They all still get a look from those around us, a particularly good feeling when the Porsche next door doesn't get a glance ; ) The only thing that lets the car down in my eyes is the weedy exhaust, which has been much discussed on here of course. Decided to fix that and am booked into Abbey Motorsports end of July to get a high flow cat + militek exhaust. Also getting Eibach pro springs and Ecutek remap - so very excited about all that (just don't tell the other half as she'd probably prefer a holiday...pft). Will post some pictures once completed and look forward to once again spending many hours browsing the forum. I'll get more involved this time, promise! Cheers everyone 😀
  9. Bet that's just a story to get you to commit to it, oldest trick in the Dealers Bible..! Yeah I hope you're right! He does know my situation so it would be an odd move - but as you say it's an old trick ; )
  10. Thanks for all your feedback so far, appreciate it. Just been told that he's got a guy that might buy very shortly (I can't get there until weekend) so may have to continue looking anyway. If anyone knows of one for sale with the NISMO kit on please let me know... looking £10k absolute max. (p.s.Thanks for info RE: GT)
  11. Hi all! Haven't been on here for a while, used to own a zed but due to having to "grow up and buy a sensible car" i sold it about 2 years back. Good news... I'm going to get another one having spent the last 6 months convincing the other half that without one I'll likely to do something more stupid like buying a bike and killing myself within about three days... Anyway, I'm looking at the following (I love the NISMO look on the 350) and I'm just after advice. I'm pretty much ready to buy as the car is in great shape but as ever I defer to those who are more knowledgeable. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201404103233395/sort/default/usedcars/price-to/10000/postcode/ss24hw/make/nissan/colour/black/price-from/9000/onesearchad/used%2Cnearlynew%2Cnew/page/1/model/350_z/radius/1500/body-type/coupe?logcode=p Do you think this is overpriced? It's not the GT, but because of it being a 2006 model does come with the electronic/heated seats, cruise control, sat nav etc. Only thing I think it's missing is the BOSE system and Rays. Mileage is also very good. Thoughts? Alternatives!? Thanks - and looking forward to being part of the club again
  12. It's arrived and gets fitted tomorrow
  13. Excellent, thanks for the info and pictures. Think the credit card is about to get a bank holiday surprise : )
  14. CS - cheers for quick response, good to know. I could be tempted.... what's the best selling Cobra units?
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