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  1. I’ve got one, they are essentially a 1 way diff, lock on power, unlock on deceleration. Amazing diff if your a fast street racer rather than a drifter. Will unlock though if one wheel lifts off the ground so maybe not the best if hardcore track racing!
  2. SBN3510-01 - £864 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/192580316063
  3. SBN2645 at £850 - for 300zx and other nissans SBN3510-01 at £1,200 - for 350z with the original VLSD fitted (GT models) SBN3510-02 at £1,200 - same as above but is the SQ super quiet version SBN3515-01 at £1,200 - for the 350z with the original open diff (None GT models) SBN3515-02 at £1,400 - same as above but the SQ super quiet version you can check if you have a VLSD vs an open diff by lifting the rear of the car and spinning a tyre, VSLD both wheels turn the same direction - open diff each wheel spins in opposite direction. hope that helps I just recently changed my diff for the Quaife helical torque biasing diff. Hardest part was removing the ring gear, impact driver wasn’t man enough as the screwing are loctite’d in. solution shown in the images, screw one of the axles to a piece of wood, wedge wood between two walls. Make longest lever arm as possible and then push with all your power.. worked for me and had the worm gear off in no time Ps the oil was disgusting smelling, my MRS wasn’t happy stinking out my dinning area but oh well.
  4. Hi all, I’m wondering if some technical wizard can help me out. I have a lovely new quaife diff (the 13L model) to replace my 350z VLSD diff. I have been reading the long input shaft needs to be either machined down (as per drawing that comes with the diff) or a new smaller shaft is needed to be purchased. can someone super clever tell me this short input shafts part number please ☺️. I’ve been searching and my mind is boggled! I don’t want to order the wrong one and waste a day fitting my old diff back in once I realise my stupid mistake 🙃. I’m guessing (from reading other threads) this is the best approach as it gives more spline contact and also has the circlip slot that is needed. I haven’t taken apart the diff yet so everything I’m saying is hopefully accurate, if not please tell me my stupidity. thanks all 🤙
  5. Bought this from tarmac a little while back but never got around to fitting it. brand new in box, these bumpers come folded and when put in a heat booth forms back into shape. here it is on tarmac website: https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/kbd-nissan-350z-03-08-n3-r-style-1-piece-polyurethane-front-bumper.html £693 new and have to wait a couple months for delivery im selling £600. Nearly £100 saving would prefer collection as it’s big from Stevenage Uk can look into delivery if really needed. cheers Rich
  6. Hi, do these for the de? Also how much rewiring is involved? What’s the problem with them being LHD? Is it they aim slightly wrong?
  7. Mine was the blue coupe with the big dark alloys Need them big for the supercharger 😉
  8. I can't make it either guys do the same as above. Donate to the club and I'll send the ticket out.
  9. Haha nice one what colour was the civic I'll look out for you
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