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  1. These have just gone 'pending payment' to a member on here... will update further as needed
  2. Yes, they are for DE with xenon. No wiring is needed as they are direct fit (just check you have earth). No problem with MOT other than some MOT stations may fail it just due to them not being LHD. In reality many people use these in UK and have no issue - nor do they blind people either since teh 350 lamps and position is so bad anyway. As least with these you can see in the dark :-p
  3. Hi, I'm pretty sure all Depo lamps are LHD, plus the sites in UK that sell them also state similar so i'm guessing these are no different. thanks
  4. Brand new still boxed, never fitted, set of Depo Blacked Out Bi-Xenon Projector Headlights. These retail at £680 currently, as can be seen on a certain reputable 350z parts store in UK. No longer required. Obviously you need to reuse your current Ballast units, and i can include a set of ballast o-rings also brand new in pack. £540 inc post (or discount for collection)
  5. Recognising CGR as 1st dibs, collection planned by weekend, otherwise for any backout reasons Ross has 2nd dibs
  6. Factory Touring Alloys. 4 of. These have been sitting doing nothing for about 2 years. The pic on car was taken the day i removed them and as you can see they look decent from a distance, but personally id refurb them. Tyres all have decent tread but are some generic brand. Free to any club member who can collect. Just north of Aberdeen.
  7. So, a year has gone by and what have i done? lots - but with the Z?? oops.....almost nothing. Painted door handles (subtle but huge impact), changed wrap on lights, MOT, and driven maybe 50 miles? oops Feeling inspired for this week.....................
  8. *pity it wasnt advertised here before the event.....
  9. Hello & welcome! another north-east zed, very good
  10. I was overseas, just saw this - how was it? Anything else Zed-wise lined up in the area soon?
  11. Unfortunately ill be out of the country across those dates, otherwise id have met up with you folks for at least a short section of your northern tour. Hope the weather stays as per this weekend for you
  12. It gets cold up North It's not fantastic, but usually suffices. Rarely use it though as I just plug my phone into the aux. I'm pretty sure this will be dependant upon quality of actual stubby? also check threading is correct and snug. I, like many, run aftermarket HU and have at least as good if not better radio reception with my short stubby than when all was standard.
  13. Ahhh, i see... the bracket option cant be removed though, its mandatory (which is fine, for me at least) but £556 for 2 brackets apparently :-0





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