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  1. Cobra mid pipe will not fit a standard back box.
  2. Engine bay looking awesome Davey!
  3. I believe you’ll need adapters. 350z wheels are 5x114.3 And BMW wheels are typically 5x120. example: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223680399062
  4. 1) davey_83 - breakfast 2) DRIVE-R 3) tauvp - breakfast
  5. Great pictures Dave, it was such a good day.
  6. Epic meet today! Great to see everyone and their Zeds. Looking forward to the next one, and thanks for organising Dave.
  7. As Jallen28 said above, tarmac’s camber arm and toe bolt kit is ideal for the rear. You won’t be able to change the toe arm as the spring is seated on it. Your final values on the rear are likely the best camber adjustment with the stock eccentric bolt, you’re not able to get to OE spec on stock hardware if you drop the car too much. I’m experiencing more wear on the inside too after lowering. I do plan on getting adjustable arms on the front and back to dial in the camber to see if that sorts it.
  8. Probably aftermarket studs. All mine are 12x1.25
  9. Plastic cover for the W brace I believe. If you can get under the car, a couple of cable ties should fix it.
  10. Great response! I’m waiting on the matching handbrake gaiter with purple stitching to arrive, should be next week.
  11. I’ve sprayed the panels. Might try it again as it’s not the best lol
  12. Got my gear gaiter through the post today. Really happy with how it looks.
  13. Mine started flashing today. Quick search and this came up, very helpful, and problem solved.





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