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  1. LBow350Z


    Probably a bit late notice and a bit far, but there's a monthly meet tomorrow at bluewater in Kent (by Dartford) at 7.30 'till late, its the yellow (plaza) car park middle level
  2. LBow350Z

    Bexley village 57vrz

    Dark 350z Bexley village today at 17.07 with numberplate 57vrz
  3. LBow350Z

    Jdm style rear bumper

    Is this still for sale @HoundDog thanks!
  4. LBow350Z

    Grey 350z Bexley village

    Seen a grey 350z drive through Bexley village around 11.30am
  5. LBow350Z

    Another silver coupe! Bluewater car park

    Had a private plate too, and tinted windows
  6. Bluewater multi story car park top level, silver coupe at 18. 40 today. Here's a Picture, not sure if anyone on here.
  7. Silver 350z coupe with rays, spotted today at 1.20*pm by the roundabouts to join and exit the A2 at Wilmington
  8. LBow350Z

    Japfest Silverstone - 5th May 2019

    1. Zero:One 2. Panman - Azure P44 AAN 3. Zelda 4. Silverthorn 5. Shire 6. Umster 7. Grumpyoldjanner 8. wvSTUwv 9. Bikeracer1098 10. Daveo132 11. Lbow350z
  9. I blanked our the reg numbers just incase anyone has any objections, I still have all the original files without the reg blanks if anybody wants them. I also tried to take at least one picture of everybody's car individually however but I'm not going to post them all on here because I think I have about 34 pictures altogether lol but please see the main group ones below. Hope they are of sufficient quality Just wanted to say thanks to Payco for organising the meet. Was my first meet and I can definitely say its not going to be my last haha... Such a lovely day too!
  10. Before I post any pictures, what are the rules regarding registration numbers, do I need to blank them all out?
  11. I've got some pics whilst you all went in for lunch haha, probably too many to post on here all in one go lol
  12. If I'm not too late I'd like to pop down and have a look at some Zs. No lunch for me though. Would be good, seeing as I haven't been to a 350z UK .com club meet before... Payco - lunch zippypooz - lunch HoundDog - lunch Nissmoandy - lunch Ebized - lunch(s) to be advised Adrian @ TORQEN - no lunch Darren-B - no lunch Paul - lunch Seb - lunch Olly - lunch (Maybe bring Skyline too) Darkside - lunch Paul K+1 - Lunch Stephanie -Lunch Flashback - Lunch Jon - Lunch Lbow350z - no lunch Hope I'm not too late
  13. LBow350Z

    Trax 2018 leavers.

    Wish I could've gone, looked like a really good event. P. S. Crash at 20.26
  14. Thanks very much! Got it home all fine :))