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  1. If there's anybody that isn't able to go, would it be possible to jump on the stand? Bit confused with the queue
  2. Saw you at probably 19:40 join the a31 before Sailsbury
  3. Big thanks to @Rgvrip for organising the stand, turned out really well, was a really good show and met some new faces, hope to see you all at more meets
  4. Might see you there then leaving the carpark at 6.30
  5. Cheers mate yeah I got it thanks, Kingsley was asking for someone that asked him xD
  6. If anyone wants to convoy there, there's a couple of us meeting at bluewater heading off at 6.30 from the yellow carpark (plaza carpark) - middle level
  7. Is there still space on our stand for 1 more car at all? @Rgvrip
  8. Going to be buying my ticket Friday - need this payday to hurry up xD
  9. How many spots do we have and how many left?
  10. So we buy a ticket, and then it gets sent to you?
  11. Just leaving now to meet at the services, should take 30 mins, if not see you in the castle
  12. Rgvrip Lbow350z Dra1975 Jamez87 Mad Glenn Jay Wilmot (Facebook) Kingsley Benfield (Facebook)
  13. There's a couple of people on the Facebook group I think that are thinking about it, but I think you put this link up there too



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