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  1. Going to be buying my ticket Friday - need this payday to hurry up xD
  2. How many spots do we have and how many left?
  3. So we buy a ticket, and then it gets sent to you?
  4. Just leaving now to meet at the services, should take 30 mins, if not see you in the castle
  5. Rgvrip Lbow350z Dra1975 Jamez87 Mad Glenn Jay Wilmot (Facebook) Kingsley Benfield (Facebook)
  6. There's a couple of people on the Facebook group I think that are thinking about it, but I think you put this link up there too
  7. How many of you are going to mcdonalds... sounds good xD
  8. Here's the link for the next meet which is this Friday the 10th https://www.facebook.com/events/438202876746429/?ti=CL hope to see some of you there - starts at 19.30 bluewater yellow car park middle level. Most people get there around 8, and since they've got stricter we all go in for some food.
  9. Are the details for the day for motors by the most going to be up soon? Just wondering if there's gonna be a convoy
  10. Yeah seeing as I wasn't on the stand this year and only just managed to tag on to the convoy, I would really be up for a meet? Anyone know of anything?
  11. Yeah we caught up haha timed it perfectly nearly, ended up in a pack of 5, worked out quite well being symmetrical lol 2 silver 1 blue 2 sunset. P. S. Did anyone take any pics of the convoy? I thought I saw one of the sunset orange cars going out wide to take some pics?
  12. Big thanks to @cs2000 for organising the convoy(s), despite the fact we turned up just as everyone was leaving, was a good turnout and really nice to just cruise to my first Japfest! Same again next year...?
  13. 1. Cs2000 (OO04 MYZ 2. Paul K (K50 PTK) 3 Alec K (K95APK). FN2 Civic type R ( he’s my son. Driving to his first Japfest) 4.nismoandy (WP06FNX) +catering manger. 5 jenso ( J15NSO ) 350Z GT 6. MatthewThain (FA53 FZZ) ginger 350Z 7. Seb (PRO2 SEB ) silver RAF 350z 8. Dom + Jodie (HD05OWX) Black 350z 9. Kelvin (LR56DDO) black 350Z 10. Hypnosis (KA04 UBC) & Mrs Hypnosis Orange 350Z 11.Luke (NL06PWN) resale silver 350z Was thinking about making this, but like someone else said, if not I'm sure I'll manage to spot you guys



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