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  1. Ok, thanks for all the info! I think given the bad feeling I had with my previous clutch, I'm probably going to go as close to a standard OEM install as I can for now...just so that I can get back to a place where it's more enjoyable to drive again and get a good baseline understanding to judge things from going forward. I think that means that I'm going to go with the Exedy (NSK 2168) + LuK (415 0213 11) combo this time. The TarmacSportz website says they're currently out of stock at the moment on the LuK (but not the bundle strangely!), so I'm probably goi
  2. Thanks for extra info Jack...it's good to know the full set of trade offs. I think for this time round I'm probably going to go for the dual mass flywheel, as it's the easy option to go with...but at the same time, I could totally see myself enjoying a harder pedal. Do you have any recommendations on the specific single mass options available? Tarmac sportz seem to have the following similarly priced options available: https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/clutch-and-drivetrain/exedy-tarmac-sportz-350z-03-06-de-replacement-clutch-plus-lightweight-performance-flywheel-kit.html
  3. Yeah, I liked the original clutch just fine. The replacement one was crap, not sure what they did there! As I understand it, the single mass flywheels tend to trade better performance for worse economy, which would be fine if I still had a heavy foot, but these days I'm happy to take things a bit easier. But if it's not that simple, or there are other benefits, I'd totally be interested in finding out what they are... ;-)
  4. Hello everyone, Currently using my Z as my daily driver after a long absence, and not very fond of the current clutch. I think the Nissan dealer that did the replacement years back put something inferior in and wasted my time, but anyway, I digress. I was looking over at tarmac sports as I think I'll probably end up replacing it soonish, and saw that there is an OEM spec kit for my 350Z...it's this one: https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/clutch-and-drivetrain/350z-03-05-vq35de-exedy-luk-oem-replacement-clutch-and-flywheel-kit.html Anyone got any comm
  5. Yeah, pics are everything! ;-) I actually clicked on your "precious is for sale" line out of curiosity; you certainly did a lot to it! If I wasn't rapidly turning in to a little old lady, I'd totally be tempted to sell mine (04 blade silver rays circa 47K) and buy yours! Unfortunately with each day that passes I see myself getting closer and closer to buying something small and "girly" just for convenience really...well that and just waiting for the right electric to come along. Anyway, that's very kind of you to offer to send me the retaining clip for free + postage, a
  6. Yes, that's the bit that's missing Chris! I remember worrying about it at the time I took my pump out and thought I'd put it aside somewhere safe, but apparently I've forgotten exactly where that was! Anyway, so yeah, just finding that part to order online is proving tricky. There are replacement whole connectors with slightly different construction, a bit like: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/9-89-5-16-8mm-Quick-Connect-Release-Fuel-Line-Disconnect-Connector-Gas-Petrol/302856309322?fits=Car+Make%3ANissan|Model%3A350+Z+Roadster&hash=item4683a48a4a:g:IzQAAOSwC
  7. Hello! So recently I had to replace my fuel pump because the old one got gummed up and a member here was able to help me out with a replacement. That all went well, but unfortunately I misplaced the quick fit connector's retaining clip insert, so the quick fit no longer stays attached to the pump and I had to jerry-rig it by using a zip tie to secure it. It works fine, but I'd rather have it set up with something I have a little bit more confidence in, but procuring the insert is difficult it seems, with prices meaning I might as well just by an entire new c
  8. I've got one coming from one of the other members on the trading post, but I'm going to PM you for other enquiries! ;-)
  9. Hi technical people. So I haven't driven by 350z nearly enough for years. Like literally starting it once a year at most and obviously it hasn't really been all that happy about this. I decided to get it back on the road last september, but only got around to driving it a couple of times. There was trouble starting, but a battery change got it going in the end. Anyway, it's now six months later, and the thing definitely won't start. It cranks fine. Not an immobiliser issue. The light goes off. No check engine light or anything like that.
  10. Hi there, Is the fuel pump still available and will it be suitable for an '04 350z?
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