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  1. Ok this car in in Scotland... a flight away from me... I need something closer. Bit thanks.
  2. Yeah I am coming to the realisation that i will have to up the budget, only question is, how do I sneak this past SWMBO...
  3. An recommendation with regards to insurer... id rather go with a known name the a googled name
  4. Thanks I'll have a look but the high miles do scare me... thanks for the heads up... roup seems to be locked so I've asked if i can be allowed access
  5. Thanks... I have passed on it but i will keep hunting for the right one...
  6. I have seen one for around 4 that had new pads and clutch fitted.. But has a bit of wheel arch rust just bubbling up. From the pics I'd say no bigger then 5p on the rear arches... in side looks good though. It's a GT pack.
  7. I didn't think there isnt much in the way of difference... But have the advantage of not being thrashed. I could be wrong.
  8. I thought Jap imports were to be avoided. Cos there could be issue with insurance and such... am I wrong?
  9. Thanks you for your advice.. It's good to know other people's experiences that's how we all learn. I am pretty handy with a spanner... in the past I've done a few jobs timing belts head gasket. Engine swaps. Etc. To that bit is good.
  10. What vers did u opt for? What was the mileage and what was the condition like
  11. Thank you for the feedback... tbh I know these are expensive cars to run... i knew that the 3k budget was on the low side ... i guess could go to 5k but that would be the max... I wanted to hold some back in case the car i bought had some issues. But I guess lower the price higher the risk of it being a lemon. Ok question wat are ur thoughts on reliability of a manual vs automatic... I would pref manual. But what are ur thought...
  12. Sexy love the kit and wheels... what kit is that?
  13. Hi All... Well I am looking to get a fun car... something to drive on the weekend... so after much looking thinking etc I have settled on trying to buy a 350z... it looks sexy... reading up on them they seem to be a good reliable car that are fun to drive... and fits into my budget of around 3k. I would like to get a stock manual GT version. Not too fussed if it's a coupe or roadster. My question is would I get a decent car for that price... I have seen some but the mileage on them tends to be above 100k+. Part of me think that's not too high. but the another bit of thinks I could b
  14. Sexy looks great good luck with the sale
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