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  1. Glad you ended up getting one Gordon, hope it brings you much joy.
  2. Hey Rik, good to see you've got going with a thread in here, it's a great forum. Hope you're enjoying the car and thanks again for making the sale a good experience. You'll not be surprised to hear I'm not having the same fun with the Honda Jazz I now have!!
  3. Car is now sold, mods can you please kindly lock down the thread, thank you. Lovely guy from London came up and took her away. Gutted not to own the Z anymore but I will have another one some day, superb cars.
  4. Still for sale. Someone must want a lovely Z with the rag top down so your hair can blow. Might call Vanilla Ice up....
  5. Its exactly what iam looking for but not coming to England until 1 week of Sept. GLWS and if its still available I will be in touch.

    1. Stevie-Boy


      No worries man, let me know at the time :) 

    2. GordonB


      I cant get this car out of my head. I think its perfect one. Can you PM me the reg as always I am too cautious and will research what I can. Gordon

    3. GordonB


      Got my Zed. Very Happy Chappy !!!!!

  6. Thanks man, she's a beauty, quite surprised nobody has gone for it yet!!
  7. Going to put this on Gumtree for the general riff raff to have a look
  8. Definitely try the 'mod' happy insurers like the ones mentioned above, Adrian Flux, Sky etc. They specialise in modified cars and are more competitive for that. I've found in the past these companies are more expensive for standard cars and freely admit they can't be competitive in that market. You MIGHT therefore find that one of those insurers will give you a better price if the Z already has a few light mods.
  9. Car still for sale, just wanted to clarify some items that will hopefully help anyone interested: Tyres all brand new last week, brands are: Rear Tyres Bridgestone Potenza RE050A https://www.morecambe-tyres.co.uk/TyreSearch/Details/784/Bridgestone+Potenza+RE050+24545R18 £135 per tyre Front Tyres GT Radial Sport Active https://www.morecambe-tyres.co.uk/TyreSearch/Details/85424/GT+Radial+Sport+Active+22545R18 £90 per tyre. Interestingly, they charged me £105 per tyre, I'll be calling up about that! I would have done Bridgestone all around but that's what they had on the day and they're still good brand new tyres. Previous Owners at the point of the new owner taking the car: 1, Private Owner 2. Private Owner 3. Nissan 4. Private Owner (for 3 months) 5. Me 6. You???? Most of the car life has been with one owner. Car has no rust, no HPI or recorded issues. Will listen to offers, but she's a beauty so don't be toooo harsh!
  10. Seems a bit early but great to see such lovely wheels being pampered.
  11. Wow only 31 miles, like taking a brand new car away.
  12. That's a lovely car, keep hearing that company name mentioned for the seats, they look sweet
  13. Spotted a little rip in the bottom of the roof near the driver door, pride reduced accordingly Pic link: http://imgur.com/a/pXfdhqA
  14. It's having the oil done now and I'm sat here very amused watching the guy struggle a bit with the famous crazy Z dipstick!
  15. Absolutely!! Worst thing is, cleaning it is a hobby of mine. My conservatory (oooOOooOhh) has a table with all my detailing stuff laid out. I gladly spend entire days on the car. This one time (at band camp) I got it done quickly on the way home and that happened. Annoyingly I did send the place a couple of FB messages to show pictures etc and they ignored me!!





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