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  1. Hi guys, Hope all is well, 2005 de - right so I changed one of my valve covers a while ago, putting everything back together didn't go as well as hoped, I took it to the garage and after a couple of gasket changes there was still a misfire, the checked my injectors and replaced some seals, they noticed and showed me pictures of hairline cracks in 4 of the injectors, so I ordered some second hand and had them fitted. Now - code p0304 sometimes and p0300 most of the time and flashing eml light. I have switched coils packs and spark plugs and the p0304 remains (in the sa
  2. still available? will happily take this having broken by unit recently
  3. thanks mate, got a phantom 3 advanced and just bought a inspire 1
  4. Evening guys and gals, So for an expansion to my current work (self employed) Ive been getting into drone piloting and operating - doing it all proper and should be fully licensed by may (hopefully) but doesnt mean I cannot fly now just not commercially, I was thinking it would be great to get some footage/pics of some zed's in action, track would be great but a general meet in an area that it is drones are permitted in (Stupidly big fines if your break the rules) would anyone be interested - Of course I will share all photo's and video's
  5. Evening all had a pleasant drive on sat up to warwick accompanied by a silver 350 - we had a little chin wag at a roundabout you had a cobra exhaust - (Wow this sounds a bit lonely heart like!) HI
  6. welcome mate, I was looking this time last year and its been a pleasure - I still smile when shes freshly polished and love the head turning caused by, Ill second what was said about the clutch - mine went around 100k and cost me just shy of a grand, I have the DE model also - though not the most powerful etc if monies on your mind it is £200 a year less to tax which is a bonus. They can be a bit heavy on oil consumption - It seems luck of the draw for if yours is or not. either way enjoy. T
  7. Im going to book it into the garage tomoz and ask for a service with sparks then (good to get the stamps in the book) If its not that and is the cam/crank shaft sensor a big job?
  8. I bought a generic one off ebay/amazon (is blue if that helps) and paid for torque pro off the play store - Works a treat
  9. Afternoon guys and girls, So a couple weeks ago I got a warning light, opened up torque pro and was informed it was cylinder 4 miss fire this happened a couple times but very intermittent - Fast forward and i bought a new coil pack - replaced and seemed fine for a few miles, Now it seems allot less intermittent and mainly running on 5 - My thought is potentially a bad spark plug, its coming upto a service and is on 103,000 so is about time for the next set - Just wondering if anyone had any other thoughts/idea/similar problems? cheers T (Current codes is P0300 + P0304)
  10. I'm driving london to the lake district tomorrow shall be putting the mrs on official lookout duty!
  11. would also like to hear this as im tempted, cheers T
  12. Spotted a silver 350z, i changed into the lane next to you, flashed my hazards as i passed and you flashed mainbeams, I think vinyl down the side? HI
  13. welcome! and as everyone has said - The grin doesnt seem to go! the only time it has for me was when my clutch went! Another option for sound is doing a simple airfilter change to a cone type, gives you a bit more of a roar when you hit higher revs but normal when idle t
  14. ah gotcha, Just to double check something - Whats happening is as I put my foot down (Not every time just sporadical) the revs start to go up as normal then drop down a bit, then continue as normal, this is my clutch yeah? Cheers T
  15. forgive me lack of knowledge what are the benefits to a single mass flywheel?
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