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  1. 5tu

    New Exhaust

    Or just buy a Motordyne Shockwave
  2. I seem to recall on the 350z the non return valve could become blocked. I do remember taking it out and unblocking it on a car. Which i think was my old 350z I'm sure someone with a better memory than me will come along and confirm or deny that as a probable cause
  3. It's not unusual for 3 on each front spring http://www.the370z.com/nismo-370z/12298-nismo-z-suspension-all-nismo-370z-owners-check-here-first-18.html#post3510331
  4. I've had farts louder than the stock Nismo exhaust You must have the fake noise generator.
  5. 5tu

    343 bhp 370z??

    I got at least 15hp from my GTR Starter Button and Nismo floormats............
  6. Does that mean you'll organize a meet when you're done?
  7. Maybe they've got a new type of shipping spacer to really let you know your local dealer didn't take them out
  8. Glad I survived long enough to move into a 370z http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cars/article-5656827/The-ten-cars-likely-accident-damage-revealed.html
  9. 5tu

    18MY Models

    I'd settle for the hatch to actually open on the first attempt
  10. 5tu

    370Z Snowmobile

    That snow wrap looks very authentic
  11. 5tu


    Big thanks to rickdon for sorting me out with some 370z Nismo mats Really happy with the quality of them. They have a rubber back with little studs to keep them in place just incase the eyelits aren't enough. More importantly they fit perfectly compared to the rubbish newer mats that came on the car. (I think i've got one of the first runs of the Nismo mk2 as i've got the smaller eyelits not the bigger ones, hence the mismatching mats). Here are the pics. I haven't got around to removing the protective sticker from the Nismo badges yet before anyone asks if they are blue
  12. If you're really open to anything you could have a Nismo exhaust
  13. There is another duplicate thread for some reason which you have indeed been chatty on
  14. I'm up for the north coast aspect too. Just bring a lot of Jerry cans with you and a support vehicle to carry them





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