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  1. Well that's me finished the interior. Love the facelift items. The steering wheel from Royal is also a work of art ! the harness bar will need a couple of additions to prevent any belt slip in the curved corners. Car feels great to drive and I'm looking forward to changing the clutch to give it a bit more bite. I've also got and oil cooler to fit but not sure I really need it unless I start to track the car as the temperature stays consistent even on fast road use. Keeping my eye eye out for a 3 gauge A puller pod. I may end up making my own as I've got parts here. Just no time just now. Enjoy the pictures
  2. Saw this yeasterday. Very nice indeed !! It also happened to be the only picture picture I took at Scottish modified the week before
  3. P15UL T

    Back on the hunt

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/636997999647337/permalink/1912472875433170/?sale_post_id=1912472875433170 tbis looks nice
  4. Full centre console , knee pads and door cards. Just waiting on a few parts being painted. Hopefully I'll get them by the end of the week.
  5. Where did you get the rhd triple gauge gauge pod ? I've been looking but resigned to the fact I'd need to make my own thanks paul
  6. The suns been out for a few days now it's been so long I've no idea where my sunglasses are hiding. Probably in my holiday suitcase
  7. Nice video. Andy Forrest new creation looks insane.
  8. Definetly 3.12. I checked today. I upgraded the intercooler , injectors, fuel pump to larger that what was recommended. Also fitted a fuel return system. Larger K&N air filter down behind bumper and straight through exhaust (oem manifolds )
  9. Hey guys. I've started stripping out my centre console to install the pioneer App radio SPH-DA100 ( I know this isn't the current model). I've had it sitting here for a while. I've also got the double din surround, gps wiring, patch lead for steering wheel controls, cable to connect to iPhone (old style not lightening connector) ive came across a few issues that I could do with some clarification on does the cage fit inside the existing stereo brackets ? It seems really tight but if I remove them there is no where for the cage to fix too ? My car is a standard car so so no bose or steering wheel controls. I now do have the steering wheel controls on my new steering wheel. Is it possible to get them to work as o have the patch cables for the stereo ? And the big question. Will this stereo work with my current iPhone 6s if I get a lightning cable adapter to connect to the old style iPhone cable of the stereo ? thanks for any help Paul
  10. What did you use to stick the under bonnet mirror plates in place ? I've got the HR bonnet kit but it didn't come with any adhesive. If you could let me know thanks paul
  11. P15UL T

    Back on the hunt

    Be nice to have you back irfan. always wanted to do a g35 build so I'll be watching this with interest Paul
  12. Yeah. The honeycomb grill that came with the bumper didn't fit so I'm going to have to find something else.
  13. Things are starting to shape up. Got the car back last week and managed to get my garage mostly organised. Im going to Cleanfest on the 23rd so I'll new to get my finger out and fit some of the new parts I've got sitting here. I managed a quick quick wash and drive in the sunshine today. It was good to feel the boost again
  14. Well hello old friend No it's not. I bought another zed after selling my GTR. It was just suppose to be a cheap toy until I finished my house renovation then I'd buy a GTR again ..... but you know how bad my Zeditis is ....... Hello everyone. My names Paul and I have a problem. I can't stop buying shiney stuff Lol
  15. Quite rare and very expensive. but very very nice !!
  16. I might have one. Send me a picture of what part it is Cheers Paul
  17. Is this the long curved plastic piece ? I'm selling one from a black 2004 that I split for parts. Pm me if your interested. Thanks Paul
  18. It's been brought to my attention that these are on sale just now so I've lowered the price to reflect this £325 posted Cheers Paul



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