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  1. Hi Alex...Would you just have the bolt. Regards Ross
  2. Looking for a tensioner bolt 125mm or tensioner pulley with bolt please Thanks Ross
  3. Hi..Wanted as above..Non Brembo Rear brake caliper/Calipers for a 2005 350z.. Thanks..
  4. Thanks for your Reply..any chance of Dimension and weight as i think they will require that.. Thanks Ross
  5. Hi...Could you give me a ballpark delivery cost to Eh3.. Thanks..
  6. Hi all.. Removed my in dash push in cup holder and a spring popped out buy can't find where it goes..Some kind of tensioner for the holder. .Pic Attached.. Thanks..
  7. "Possibly a faulty speed converter as it's an import " yes that could be correct, i'll start looking for the the box when weather gets a little warmer..Should i renew the box if wiring is ok... Thanks
  8. Hi all..I have a 2005 JDM 350Z, My speedo has been intermitent for a while and now stopped working..Opinions suggested to replace Wheel speed sensor..Can anyone tell me if im correct that there is wheel speed sensors on front and back or which or all to replace...Any info would be much appreciated.. Thanks





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