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  1. Another update. Took her back to the garage to fix the front seal (wasn't properly installed and was peeling off). While at it, I asked them to replace the door moulding/weatherstrips or whatever they are called. Put new ones. Also, balanced the wheels, since I noticed I was getting lots of steering wheel vibration at high speed. Taking her to The Scottish Performance Show on the 9th, the front seal came off completely. :/ After looking at other 350z in the show, I now see that the seal they've been trying to use doesn't really work with the 350z. This is what happened to mine TWICE while driving to the show... What it seems is that on the 350z, the gap between the windshield and root is rather wide, and so it needs some kind of stripe in the middle. The seal then is actually composed of two pieces. As you can see in the picture. they are trying to use some kind of 1 piece seal that clearly doesn't work for the 350z. It has nothing to hold it in place (other than the bit of glue on the roof, so once it gets some wind underneath it on the motorway, it will just peel off. While at the show, I took a picture from another 350z that had a bit missing (so I could see how it looks like inside)... So, it seems its composed of two seals. One in the roof, another in windshield. The one in the windshield has no glue whatsoever, and is hold in place by clicking into that plastic stripe running along the gap ? Thanks to Paul Thompson from Zcotland for suggesting that was the case, even before I saw it for myself. Anyway, informed the garage and they'll try to get someone else to fix this. Other than that, she looked rather nice at the show... No filters whatsoever. Straight from the phone...
  2. Checked today, and the top ones were spot on. Looks like new. The bottom ones will need some touching up as I suspected. Couldn't see @*!# while doing it. xD Took the car back to the garage today, and when I told the guy I repaired the pillars with something resembling playdooh, he joked. Haha Then he was surprised by how good it looks. xD
  3. Not yet, but found other interesting materials. Polymorph ( ordered a bag ), and some homemade Sugru. Apparently people call it Oogoo, or Oogroo. Interesting stuff. Polymorph seems really interesting, since it can be reused.
  4. Check my build thread, NeeZ. Repaired the A-Pillars with Sugru. The weatherstrip will have to wait a bit, until I figure out how I can hold it down until cured, so I can avoid removing the entire thing. I believe the door covers need to come out in order to take out the weatherstrips. Need a big chunk of free time for that. My toddler doesn't give me any space. If Daddy is home, it's play time.
  5. Some more DIY... ZMANALEX was out of weatherstrips and A-Pillars, so I opted for repairing it instead. NeeZ suggested Sugru ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sugru ), and I'm rather pleased with the result. This was at the end of the day once my kid was in bed, and there wasn't enough light to see the bits I missed. The next few days I'll touch it up. So, the state as I've shown before... Some preparation... Result of all of them. Needs some touching up... Didn't had enough light for the A-Pillars, so the finish is not as good. That will be fixed. Lets see how it looks like tomorrow once cured. If any of you could could post an up-close picture A-Pillars in good shape, it would be much appreciated, so I can know how to shape it when touching up. It was so deteriorated, that I don't know the exact shape.
  6. Hi Ian, I've ordered some DIY materials (sugru included) to see if I can fix it first. If that doesn't work, how much you want for yours if they're intact? (both sides)
  7. Ohhh. Never heard of it, but just did some googling. Might fix it. Thanks for the tip.
  8. Not sure what the exact name for this part is. I need both the driver and passenger's side. ZMANALEX doesn't have them at the moment.
  9. Talked to ZMANALEX, and we should have the parts figured out. Thanks for the help, ShortPaul. Meanwhile, I took a look at the driver's side weatherstrip, and it seems it's about to snap too, so I suppose I'll get both done at the same time.
  10. Thanks for the heads up then, Z Fanatic. MAC Motorsports tried to fix the weatherstrip, but I suppose the pressure is too much, and it snapped up again. The A-Pillars.... well, they are damn expensive if I need to get the entire thing. Just for reference, this is state of mine.
  11. I messaged him before you posted (because someone in the other thread also suggested that). But didn't ask about the A-Pillar (the windscreen rubber), only the door weatherstrip. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll ask him about both then. Is he the handyman around here? hehe
  12. Another update... Got around to do some DIY over the last weekend. The wiper arms needed some TLC. The state they were in... After some sanding and priming... Painted, assembled (with the rubbers treated), and installed... In retrospective, I should have gone with matte/satin black, and not glossy. Glossy looks fine, but probably get dirtier more easily. :/ Ohh well. Done. Two things I have left to do that I can think off... The A-Pillar seals are all messed up. Seems like a common problem due to old age. This: https://my350z.com/forum/maintenance-and-repair/555481-weatherstripping-rotting-need-help-for-replacement-part.html . Still not sure what I'm going to do. Everywhere I see people saying I need to replace the entire A-Pillar ? The Door weatherstrip or whatever that is called. Like in this thread: This also seems a common problem.
  13. I tend to be a very sensible driver. Mostly respect the limits in urban areas. Might go over by 5-10 mph. Like you, I tend to have some fun at traffic lights. Motorways, I might speed a bit on and off it's quiet, or just to overtake. Country roads... Only got my Z back in September 2018, and as a family man, we always take our Golf when out and about, so believe it or not, haven't had the chance to take it out to country roads. And now with another baby coming in July, I'm not sure when I'll have the chance. I plan to use my 4yo boy as an excuse to go for short road trips this Spring/Summer. When given the chance, he always prefers to go out in the Z instead of the Golf. haha As he normally puts it whenever he rides with me and my wife needs to take the Golf for some reason... "Mommy, eat my dust!"





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