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  1. Have you got any pics of the bonnet on that shows gaps to the car?
  2. i will have the pop charger
  3. I will have in a few weeks just need to get them off my car i will pm you when they are see if you still want them... only been on the car for around 500 miles Mike
  4. Confirm list: 1. AdrianL - Z33 2. michael93-z33 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Waiting list: 8. GrahamJ - Z33 Fairlady
  5. 1. Deano94 - Z33 2. AdrianL - Z33 3. Gumpy000 - Z33 4. Gstraw -Z34 5. gillywig2 - V35 6. michael93 - Z33
  6. Just been down to the garage to see what he was talking about and its just the normal ballast pack the black thing that goes over to where you plug the light in. has anyone bought one not from Nissan and can recommend one as i think giving Nissan 500 quid ish for a ballast is a joke. Thanks Mike
  7. I've just taken my 350 gt down to auto electrician to get the ballast change on my HID's he has just come back to me and said the part you can only get from nissan and its £450+VAT! he has told me its not the front part thats about £80 its a second ballast behind this? Has anyone els had this issue and is there a cheeper part or different way to go about fixing it. Thanks Mike



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