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  1. Thanks, it was as unbiased as I can get it. After all, anyone who donated already done good. Winning the coilovers is icing on the cake... Jerrick
  2. Thank you for everyone's support. The result have been great and we raised $2,457 at the time of drawing. About $1,500 from USA, and the remaining $950 or so from UK / Europe. We received donation from Ireland, Portugal, Netherland, Germany, etc. Congratulation to Mr. Philip Raymond from Dorset (UK) for winning the price draw. The live drawing can be view on the MeisterR Facebook page. Jerrick
  3. Last day everyone. We have collected over $2,100 so quite a sum. I will be doing a Facebook live to pick out the winners this Saturday at 6:00pm UK time. Jerrick
  4. Just to say we are ending the fund raiser this week and a winner will be picked for a free set of MeisterR coilovers. So far we have raise over $1,845 from 136 donator. I thank you for everyone generosity, and hope this will help those in need to begin their rebuilding process from Hurricane Harvey as well as Hurricane Irma. Jerrick
  5. We have achieved $1500 from over 100 donators in 12 days. While this fund raiser was setup to help my local community in Houston, many unfortunate have also been affected by Hurricane Irma in the Florida region. The Salvation Army are already providing aid the Florida region, and have deploy their mobile kitchen from as far north as New Jersey to provide additional aid to Florida. I just want to say thank you to the many donators, and I hope to raise additional fund to hit our goals in 10 more days. We will select an random winner on the 22nd of September to receive a free set of MeisterR coilovers. Jerrick
  6. Don't worry, we will work out the mechanic on the 22nd. Just an update. We have achieved over $600 in just two days, so thank you very much for any donation. Please keep sharing, and lets beat the $5000 goal. Jerrick
  7. The team at MeisterR offer their deepest condolences to all people affected by Hurricane Harvey. With many people killed and more than 200,000 people left homeless, the Salvation Army are doing all they can to support victims of flooding caused by America’s heaviest rainfall on record. Right now, Salvation Army staff and volunteers are working 24/7 to help communities that have been torn apart by the storm. However, they desperately need funds to help them offer the best support that they can to the hundreds of thousands of people affected. The motoring community is a tight-knit one, and we pride ourselves in helping others in their time of need. MeisterR have created a fundraising page to support the Salvation Army. Please donate what you can: $5, $10, or $50 can help save lives. Donate Here: https://www.gofundme.com/meisterR We will give away a free set of MeisterR ZetaCRD / ZetaCRD+ coilovers to a random donator on September 22, 2017. So share the news, donate and support, plus a chance for a free set of coilovers, WIN WIN. Jerrick
  8. Nope, it isn't about how much energy transfer to the wheel, but what the wheel see in terms of force and how much weight is acting on top of it. Think of it this way, with a true coilovers setup, the front ratio is about 0.6:1 and the rear is about 1:1 (rough number). So with a 11/5.5 setup, the wheel will see 6.6 front and 5.5 rear. As you say, because the front is holding up more weight, that is why the 5.5 rear is actually stiffer than the front. Calculating the numbers are easy, interpreting it and then using them to build suspension is the more difficult part. I have seen plenty of people calculating numbers, then come up with something that can only be classified as "vehicle dynamically worthless". I haven't had any experience with MCS, so I cannot comment. Jerrick
  9. It isn't too bad, you just got to look at the wheel frequency... which is why it is important. As that already include the suspension motion ratio (the leverage between the suspension and the wheel) So one car might use 6kg/mm, the other car may use 14kg/mm. However, if both car provide 1.8Hz wheel frequency, then you know both are going to roughly do the same thing, even though one car is using more than double the springs rate. Actually, according to my calculation it is rear biased. So that mean on throttle, the rear will want to come around more. Not a huge problem, and the wheel frequency don't look out of this world (it is a little stiff in the rear). But I won't look at it and go that it is a death trap in the making. Jerrick
  10. To calculate the bounce frequency (wheel frequency) is calculated using sprung corner weight, springs rate, motion ratio. It gives you a level playing round to evaluate what the wheel is seeing. Because a 10kg/mm front springs on a 350Z is "lighter" than a 7kg/mm springs on the front of an EVO. But what the wheels see is the important part. The 11/5.5 seems to be a lot more sensible. Jerrick
  11. That 14/9 setup is doing exactly like what my dynamic model say it would then. A 14/9 setup with the OEM rear in board springs actually would work very nicely. But to offer a 14/9 on a true coilovers setup honestly will require the engineer to go back to school. Like I said, 14/6 will work but a little tail happy. If I was to suggest, a 14/4.5 actually will make a good front biased setup that would be a good fast road & track setup. That is of course assuming the damping deal with this springs rate well and will not over critical dampen the springs. Jerrick
  12. Assuming we are talking about true coilovers rear, those rate is a little scary. 18kg/mm in the front is hard, but bearable... around the right figure for Semi-Slick. 14kg/mm in the front is on the harder end of a fast road car (slightly over). The front rate are fine, as the 350Z suspension design mean the front isn't very sensitive to springs rate change. The rear in true coilovers design on the other hand is VERY sensitive to springs rate change. 9kg/mm: Very hard... I wouldn't use that on a road car at all. 6kg/mm: Still very hard, should work with Semi slick but I would advice to be very careful on the road. If I were to make a setup, it would be 18/6 and this will be for a very track focused car that I wouldn't really want to see on the road. 14/6 will also work, but it will be a little more tail happy. I am going to highly advice AGAINST using a 9kg/mm rear springs in a "true coilovers" design. To make a 9kg/mm rear springs rate, you would need something around a 27kg/mm front springs. And this type of springs rate (wheel frequency) are getting up to profession race driver / touring cars running on slicks. On a road car, I always prefer the OEM rear design. A true rear on a race car allows better utilisation of the springs rate, and so you can provide more precise control when designing the suspension. But that really isn't needed on a road car, and the OEM suspension is actually not a bad design for what you need to with the car. My 2p to help out. Jerrick
  13. A video of the final run that got us our 3rd place finish. Took 3rd place by 0.064 seconds, it was very close racing. Hope you guys enjoy watching the run. Jerrick
  14. Yea, it is not an easy event at all. We are all very happy with the result, especially the first time around. The quote of the day for me was from a Co-driver of another S2000 who was also using the prototype spec ZetaCRD. He is an auto-solo veteran also, and normally drive a 911 GT3 to auto-solo event. I spend Saturday helping them setup, and so Sunday they got a few clean run with my recommended damping setting. He came over at the end of the day and told my teammate: "$20,000 car, $1,000 suspension, handles better than my $100,000 GT3." That made my day. Jerrick
  15. So the past weekend we attended our first National Auto-Solo event. The 2017 Tire Rack College Station Championship Tour, and it was certainly an experience. https://www.scca.com/articles/2005718-2017-tire-rack-college-station-championship-tour-event-recap Our team went into the competition feeling pretty confident, until we went to the grid and check out the competition's cars. The top runners are using the Honda S2000 Club Racer edition, that is a limited run of 699 cars designed with aero package and soft top removed to reduce weight. Only the CR are allow to run without the soft top, as the class rules state what came on the car in factory trim must stay; and looking at their engine bay you can see how well their cars were prepared. Most are using the PasswordJDM carbon fibre intake, and a few cars was running Moton Clubsport 2-way adjustable coilovers; that is only what you can see. In contrasts, we have a pretty standard 2007 Honda S2000 with 90,000 miles on the clock. The only mods were a K&N intake, Invidia exhaust, Eibach front anti-roll bar, and MeisterR ZetaCRD coilovers in our prototype race specification. Even our ECU was standard and unmapped... so you can imagine how our confidence drop "slightly " after seeing what we were up against. Most were using the same tyres, the new BFGoodridge Rival S... so that mean we were on even ground at least on that part. But never mind, this is our 1st national event so it was just to see where we sit outside of the Houston region. The STR Class we are competing in have a total of 17 drivers, many are experienced veteran at national event. Our driver is 21 years old Landon Thompson (who is getting a lot of stick up and down the grid because of his age), but it was all good fun. Overall, the competition was great and environment was friendly; but you know it is a competition and people are serious and there to win when you speak with a few. So at the end of the two day race, we end up just edging out for a 3rd place trophy finish out of 17 drivers. Considering how under prepared our car was and it’s our first national attempt, we were all very happy about the result. So that is it from MeisterR's team and our first national event, we came home with a blue cap (trophy winner) and a big meal at the end of the day. We will continue to improve the car to bring it to a more competitive trim, and can only hope or better result in the next event. It was a great weekend, just want to share our excitement and our result. Jerrick
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