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  1. If you like to win a free 4 wheel alignment please visit our Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/KaizerMotor ) and follow the instructions on our "Competition" post. Good luck everyone.
  2. Our Black Friday deals!Save 10% off all service bookings made between Nov 26th – 6th Dec. For services, tyres and brakes supplied and fitted before Xmas.Even if your service is not due yet, but would like to take advantage of this offer, full payment must be made at time of booking.
  3. Nissan did modify these over the years, but we did see later ones to fail too. As a 2014 car you have much less chance, but still can happen.
  4. Prices were correct at the time of my post, unfortunately Nissan changing prices on a day by day basis. The replacement parts was anywhere between £125 to the current £949.41+VAT in the last few years (please also note this is for the correct parts number (48700-1NC3A) for the 370Z and isn't the same as the GTR one (48700-1NC1C) which is cheaper strangely).
  5. If anyone got this issue get in touch with us as we have a permanent solution at half price of a new lock unit https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/123595-steering-lock-issues-370z/
  6. As 370Zs are getting older we have started to see more and more steering lock failure. This issue will happen without any warning and will cause the car to not start at all (you will not even able to turn the ignition on). Nissan can quote for a replacement lock unit anywhere between £1300 to £1600 (depending the dealer). The suggestion of removing the fuse would work only if your lock is still operational, and still carry the risk of the lock get engaged mechanically causing safety issues. We can offer you 2 possible solutions for this issue: Solution one is for people who want to have a steering lock working as designed by the manufacture, we can supply and fit the latest lock unit from Nissan (same price as your local dealership with one year warranty) plus 1 hour labour (works out £1223.29 at today's price) Solution two is for people who don't want to risk this failure again: our replacement lock which is modified by Nissan themselves and basically just the small computer without the mechanical lock part. This would cost you £510 including parts labour and VAT and comes with a lifetime warranty from Kaizer Motor. . This part isn't available from Nissan Dealers as they are not selling it in Europe only in Japan. Please bear in mind the second solution is removing the steering lock itself from the car so you will able to turn the steering wheel even when the car is locked. Of course you will need to let your insurance company know about this Please give us a call if you have any further question regarding this or like to book your car in with us at Kaizer Motor Ltd.
  7. Hi James. We don't provide as exchange, but could rebuild yours. Give us a call at 07852291335 if you like to get more info. Thanks Sly.
  8. We have this HKS/Nismo Stainless Steel rear exhaust box for sale, it is almost brand new (been removed from a Nizmo 370Z with less then 3000 miles in the clock). Price is £400 fitted or posted in UK mainland (RRP: £532+VAT). Please contact me on 07852291335 if you are interested.
  9. Thank you very much for your feedback, it is running on the local KMFM and I'm glad to hear you liked it
  10. if you don't mind driving 60 miles we can get these sorted for you at F.O.C with any service or £30 without service
  11. As the summer is fast approaching it is time again to have your A/C system checked and serviced. Book you service with us by the end of May and you will receive a FREE A/C gas pressure check plus a FREE 4 wheel alignment check with every service (yes even the smallest P1 service included this offer ). Using our next generation of ''Fully Automatic'' Air Conditioning Service Centre we can restore the performance of your system and with Tunap's A/C system cleaner we will remove any unpleasant odours in the passenger compartment. (Please note this offer is EXCLUSIVELY for the members of this forum so please book your service via PM or mention this offer over the phone with your user name.)
  12. At Kaizer Motor we always tried to provide the best service (with OEM Nissan parts, top quality lubricate and 3 Nissan Trained Master Technician on site) possible on the lowest prices. In the last 12 month (due to unforeseen supply and price issues with parts) we had to raise our prices significantly to keep our business alive. I was constantly trying to find a way to keep our service prices down and I'm happy to let you know I managed to find a new supplier for OEM Nissan parts which I will pass to our customers with our new service pricing. Example our P1 service with Genuine Nissan parts and Mobil 1 fully synthetic engine oil for a 350Z now will only be £125.85 including VAT for the members of these forum.(This price is include the 10% forum discount). To give you even better value for your money all our services include a 4 wheel alignment check and the biggest P3 service also comes with free MOT. For more information and detailed service prices please visit our website at http://kaizermotor.c...issan/services/ Thank you very much for your support over the years Best regards Sly.
  13. I just wanted to say thank you very much for all of you who commented here or sent me a PM with suggestions, I really appreciate your help and we will change a lots of things on the website accordingly.
  14. That would be very help full thank you.
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