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  1. The articles your reading from BBC and Daily Mail etc are from court today. Original archived from 2015 350z-UK post: http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/102046-not-one-of-ours-i-hope-350quad-bike-crash/page__st__60 Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4452210/Road-racers-drove-like-Fast-Furious.html
  2. Very rarely do I see them featuring the might Zed,
  3. Lewis_UK

    Rev Up Engine

    Provided no oil burning or fluid leaks about £2000.
  4. Last year or so I went through F1AutoCenters for new tyres all round and there £100 plus alignment. When I started to suggest incorporating my "own" settings they basically cut me off saying "we're not allowed to" and that "Nissan give us stock alignment config and our machine tries to match it as best as possible. So I guess if you want your own settings you have to go to a "proper"? alignment place if that's the case.
  5. A little checking would have helped you My pleasure. http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/112038-uprev-pops-and-bangs-map-thank-you-guru-mark/
  6. Good evening Ladies and Gentleman, I was going to wait and see if anyone saw/posted this in this section, but I may as well post, Start of the month was very sad, I had to part ways from my much loved and hated Zed To cut a long story short, my Zed currently up for sale by RD Motors LTD, Any potential buyer remember to... Check engine number against log book... Check the oil consumption.... Check for rust under rear and front suspension... Any blowing from the Y-Pipe... If there is any rear brakes left.... Check if passenger window operates... Check some donut didnt fit post-06 front wheel arch liners to pre-06 front bumper... Check how they managed to get it through an MOT 2days later with De-Cats fitted... NOW from what I do remember: Great sound, engine pulled lovely, solid clutch, solid gearbox. I will be posting up all old parts I still have if anyone is interested.
  7. Heres the 350z tax brackets: VQ35DE = 273g/km (£295 for tax) VQ35DE RevUp = 288g/km (£295 for tax if lucky or £515 after 06) VQ35HR = 280g/km (£515 tax) http://www.nextgreen.../car-tax/bands/ A Up to 100 g/km £0 £0 £0 £0 B 101-110 g/km £20 £0 £10 £0 C 111-120 g/km £30 £0 £20 £0 D 121-130 g/km £110 £0 £100 £0 E 131-140 g/km £130 £130 £120 £120 F 141-150 g/km £145 £145 £135 £135 G 151-165 g/km £185 £185 £175 £175 H 166-175 g/km £210 £300 £200 £290 I 176-185 g/km £230 £355 £220 £345 J 186-200 g/km £270 £500 £260 £490 K* 201-225 g/km £295 £650 £285 £640 L 226-255 g/km £500 £885 £490 £875 M Over 255 g/km £515 £1120 £505 £1110
  8. Could also have had a SMF fitted. Loads of chatter with them. I myself only experience transmission whine on deceleration.
  9. Just generally driving around after fitting decats + that amount of extra air may have an effect on the spark plugs, But if you get it tuned properly after I can't seeing it being overkill, I mean check out the design of this: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/engine/plenum-spacers/599-350z-de-kinetix-racing-velocity-manifold-intake-plenum--kx-vm-z33.htm Either way, at base tune don't expect to run "perfect" with all mods combine listed, but after a tune you should see some good numbers and throttle response
  10. Defo sounds like Camshaft/Crankshaft Positon Sensor by that symptom, generally the 2 ontop of the engine.. Dont get aftermarket will do exactly the same. Ah ok, I kept the original ones so I'll test one at a time. How come the oem copies aren't the same? Cheers for clarifying this! I think its the programming/hardware used, I brought the £20-£25/each jobbies on fleebay (Both the top engine ones) and done exactly as you explained. Exactly same size etc, after 10mins when warmed up all went to hell. Turned out my sensors was fine (touch wood). It seems Aftermarket Coil Packs are fine, but CPS no chance.
  11. Hi Sly, Just wanted to say I like the new radio ad that's being going on the couple of weeks or so. Keep forgetting to note what station it was, either Radio 1, KMFM or Capital. Business must be going good? )) Anyways good stuff, keep it up, very catchy ad. PS: Wish it was you voice on the ad Sly, but can understand why not xD
  12. Defo sounds like Camshaft/Crankshaft Positon Sensor by that symptom, generally the 2 ontop of the engine.. Dont get aftermarket will do exactly the same.
  13. Rob, do remember you also have the camshaft/crankshaft position sensors that can cause "random" misfires. Of course your process of elimination seems rational atm. But from experience you could be spending a lot of time on coils when the issue could lie somewhere else. PS: had a remap done a @ Abbey few months back, had fresh spark plugs fittted before tune, and the plugs that came out looks similar colour and shades to yours, and Mark did state "They look fine". Good luck.
  14. REG: LL55 *** Ultra Yellow, Grey Rims, Absolutely Gorgeous!!! Fair play Spotted Chatham, Kent.





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