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  1. Here for sale is all the stuff ive taken off my car to return to standard all prices not including postage Collection available from Whittlebury, Northamptonshire Suspension parts have done around 15000 miles still work perfectly fine and in good condition ALL SOLD will post some better pictures soon when theres an abundance of natural light
  2. As stated above, am returning my car to standard
  3. Sold this ages ago!!!! Forgot to update the post :blush: :blush: :blush:
  4. SOLD Sold this ages ago!!!! Forgot to update the post
  5. Nismo rear spats, SOLD OEM spoiler, azure blue, might be alright with a heavy polish, but will probably need respraying. Perfect for those with JDM cars which dont have them £20 plus postage Unbranded steel bucket seat side mounts £10 plus postage JDM style purple dildo gear knob, SOLD
  6. here for sale is a pair of cats of my Z, around 80k miles. Passed MOT, slight wear on the bottom but as i said, passed the MOT a month ago £65 plus postage or collection from Whittlebury, Northamptonshire OEM HR y-pipe back no blows, in good nick. Guy i bought it off said it had only 40k miles on it. Fitted it to my car and was fine £40 to anyone willing to come pick it up from Whittlebury, Northamptonshire
  7. Pointless unless you were exclusively going for lap times and if that were the case you probably wouldn't have bought a 350z
  8. Why would you spend £500 on like 5bhp at best
  9. i run the exact same wheels, with 12 offset all round. 9.5j front 10j rear and -2 camber front and -1.5 camber rear, 45mm or so lower on coilys just saying i wouldnt dare run a 235 on my 10j, i run a 265 and that just fits ran a 245 on my 10j and that was as stretched as i dare also youll need toe bolts or even new arms with wheels that wide on the rear my arches needed hella rolling as well i now run 255 et12 front 265 rear with previously mentioned camber and lows. front still rubs a bit. new adjustable front camber arms, rear camber arms and toe arms. PU bushes all up front i though my specs were tight but safe but you gonna have some problems
  10. I used Yellowstuff for about a year. I would say they were OK. Not amazing but not bad. Great value, terrible dust.
  11. Here for sale is my genuine OEM tonneau, these are rather rare In good condition with all 4 brackets and bolts/washers £75 plus postage
  12. anyone else just not go that hard in the cold and wet on summer tyres, and save themselves hundred of pounds in tyres every winter?





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