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  1. A9H-RX

    Dead Zed

    The car is immaculate (and still even that is an under statement). It's all been setup for fast road and be used as temporary toy to keep me going through show season this year. Engine mods capable of supporting 500+ hp, also has nitrous installed. It's had some ££££ spent on suspension setup from complete poly bush and sways to anti lift kits/drop links and uprated engine/gearbox/diff mounts so it's absolutely solid under there. Also has a lot of carbon which I will probably carry throughout the interior. Got some lightweight Sparco bucket seats to go in also. Plenty to do until end of April which is when I plan to get it mapped by a guy called Bob Rawle (Subaru map God apparently ). Should be looking at 450 - 480ish bhp + 50 shot of nos
  2. A9H-RX

    Dead Zed

    **WARNING PIC HEAVY** So post update. I received my new project over the weekend which I've already dived myself into! Decisions on the zed TT have yet again changed! I have decided to bite the bullet and keep it for now until I build some funds (once I stop spending on the scooby ) to get the engine out and investigate what needs to be bought, and potentially start a 700hp build. But until then here are a few pics of the new toy. It's been nick name "The Black Bomber" in the past for reasons you will all know soon Also before anyone mentions, the intercooler and flocked colour scheme is already on the list to be changed!! :yuck: Anyways hope you all like!!
  3. I hope you are not parting this car out mate! It would be such a shame! Unfortunately everything will be up for grabs this weekend. It's time to move on I think Bigger and better things? So so. It's more sentimental than anything as it's a no expense spared unfinished project my step dad has owned for last 5/6 years. He's hit a point of breaking it as he can't finish it and it's worth more to be than the zed, so zed will need to go as much as I don't want it to.
  4. A9H-RX

    Dead Zed

    Sorry to hear this my friend but if it's what you want and a new opportunity has come along then good for you! You and your car will be sadly missed on here so stick around and keep us up to speed on the new secret charriot! I'll sure stick around. Met some amazing people on here, definitely best car community group about
  5. I hope you are not parting this car out mate! It would be such a shame! Unfortunately everything will be up for grabs this weekend. It's time to move on I think
  6. A9H-RX

    Dead Zed

  7. I've got parts to help make a hardcore zed if anyone interested
  8. A9H-RX

    Dead Zed

    All will be revealed. Wanna keep that one a secret for now it's 430ish bhp, has a lot of carbon, anti lag, launch control. Will keep posted
  9. A9H-RX

    Dead Zed

    I paid a visit to my step dad yesterday who has a unfinished project he's been doing for last 5 years. He's taken a bit of turn and told me he was going to break it which I wasn't happy about considering it only needs to be put back together, and I also said if he was gonna sell, I'd buy it off him. So with great regret, I will be leaving the zed community and breaking my zed to fund a new project. As of this weekend all parts will be pulled of my 350z and put up for sale. I have already started a breaking thread on Facebook where a lot of parts have provisionally been held pending payments. I will try get a thread setup on here if the admins approve. I will update again in due course once I start pulling everything apart.
  10. A9H-RX

    Dead Zed

    Yeah I hope so, getting little more hopeful that it won't be too bad but we'll see
  11. A9H-RX

    Dead Zed

    Yeah it is unfortunate but suppose nothing is ever 100% bullet proof. She's served well though considering how much stick it's got every time it's been driven
  12. A9H-RX

    Dead Zed

    Yeah I noticed superchargers never made a great deal of torque over TT
  13. A9H-RX

    Dead Zed

    I'm guessing 502 bhp at the fly. Can't see his sig on mobile Jealous as he has more than you Hahaha Edit .........did More thankfull I have less I think What you running? Supercharged as well I take it?
  14. A9H-RX

    Dead Zed

    Hopefully. Thanks bud



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