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  1. 350z coilovers wanted, must be in good working order. Let me know what you've got.
  2. Naturally the front end on a 32 is lower than the rest of the car, the carbon splitter on the bottom is aftermarket, the lip above it is standard. I'm really not a fan of low sitting side skirts on a 32, i just think they really don't look right. Side steps will finish it off nicely imo.
  3. JoshThePonce

    Side steps

    Probably seems a bit random to post on a 350z forum but I know these are very popular on the 350's and i'm looking for some for my R32 GTR, can't seem to find any specifically designed for it though. So i'm looking for some cheap ones designed for the 350 that i can chop up and tinker about with to fit on my 32. Anyone got some they fancy selling? Just wanted to even the car out a bit as the front end is quite busy compared to the rest of it.
  4. I haven't put it up on FDUK as of yet, I will do soon though
  5. nobody interested? *Original post amended
  6. Yeah they are absolutely ballistic running that sort of power. Mines only at just over 0.9 bar, with bigger injectors could run more boost for even more power but you really don't need it on the road. The T51R SPL is one of the biggest turbos HKS do.
  7. If anyone is interested i'm putting this back up for sale, see link below: http://www.swapz.co.uk/swapz/4687250/Mazda_RX7_RE-A_GT300_Widebody_HKS_T51R_SPL/ As you can see it's changed a fair bit since the original ad, full custom respray and various bits and bobs done, much tidier motor so i'm ideally looking for 11k now. I'll try and update the original ad later today. Thanks for looking.
  8. I've just downloaded Wolfenstein too, currently unraring it
  9. Happened to my rex the other week, tree was a good 15-20 meters away though
  10. Not a 3fiddy but what you guys reckon of the recent makeover to my rx7?
  11. Ooo I do like that.... How much are they?Also what's it called? The same RTP wing I showed earlier. Pics can be deceivingí ½í±€. It's the called the GTRZ wing and its depends on if its discounted still so check with Taras @ RTP for quote. I know it was the one you linked sorry I just meant, after seeing it in a car with more contrast you can fully see what it's like Someone find it on a sunset Cheers GT4 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/64519-dayyummm-she-be-angry-update-090213/page__st__20





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