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  1. Haha no need to apologise they aren't for everyone!! Tbh I hated spiders before my first proper one.. still don't like little ones oddly enough! The only thing thats a dissapointment is come feeding time there is no Attenborough voiceover!!
  2. Thanks mate - sounds like a bit of a beast! Yea I mean I had the stands and was just aiming to get them a level higher when it went.. I don't think I'll be doing anything else myself anytime soon, not a cheap mistake after the new tank and a the best part of day at the garage.. learn from ya mistakes n all that ey..
  3. Rehoused my favourite Pampho last week, now in pre-moult, looking plump and ready to get even bigger!!! Currently 8 inch legspan.. BIG spider!
  4. Was using Halfords axle stands which are still looking 100% despite the drop, not bad for a tenner on dad's day special offer.. The Jack on the other hand was a little trolley Jack, it's far from new but I have used it numerous times to lift the Zed without issue but on this occasion, maybe due to an uneven surface, it just buckled and kinda folded in half.. something like this generic pic i just found online..
  5. Thanks man. Yea I've been looking through the service manual and either way it's a little terrifying.. if I do it myself I'll probably be way in over my head & if I give it to a shop then the Labour could put me in over my head too..! We'll see how brave I feel when replacement is delivered! Big thanks to ZMANALEX for hooking me up so quickly!
  6. Finally stopped dripping.. Note the axle stand shaped hole...
  7. Hey guys... So.. trying to get those blasted y pipe/mid pipe bolts off didn't only waste 3 hours of my time but a lot more than I was expecting.. Had her up on axle stands, needed a bit more room underneath so tried to Jack her up enough to go a pin higher on the stands and the Jack has buckled, car has fallen sideways leaving the axle stand trying to hold the car up from the INSIDE of the petrol tank.. So as currently I'm watching approx 40 litres of petty flow from my car at a ridiculous rate I thought I'd see if anyone knows anyone who has a tank for sale?? Or if it's possible to repair them?? All I wanted was to make my exhaust a lil bit louder.. shoulda know it wouldn't have been as easy as I thought!! Thanks in advance guys!
  8. RE1 has been remastered on PS4 Finished the RE1 remaster on ps4 about a month ago, STILL one of the best games ever made!! Roll on the RE2 REMAKE think its coming later this year/early 2018.. 350ZOMBIES!!! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk Im on my 4th play through Building up to a speed run.... 38:31 to beat!! (Not mine!!!!) Good luck mate!! 🤘 Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  9. RE1 has been remastered on PS4 Finished the RE1 remaster on ps4 about a month ago, STILL one of the best games ever made!! Roll on the RE2 REMAKE think its coming later this year/early 2018.. 350ZOMBIES!!! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  10. Love this..! "So far I've learned to keep traction control on and not give it the full beans exiting a corner!" Welcome and enjoy buddy! Very pretty Red you got there! 😉 Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  11. I'm running an S7, have been since release and I love it. Does everything I need and then some, battery life is still good for a full days use (used for work a lot), is still rapid and mulitasks well, screen is awesome and sound isn't bad either.. My friend just got an S8 and sure it looks the business, like proper cool.. and as mentioned the camera/screen are slightly better but overall I can't see myself upgrading just yet.. not with the tags on them right now that's for sure! New tires all the way Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks for the advice guys! Erni902 that'd be awesome I may have to take you up on that! Hayd350 I have CC yea, would the map selections cancel out the CC controls then?? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks Coldel, I'm running a HR so how do I know if it's revving higher.. I mean it revs to redline @ 7500rpm quite readily (& often as the noise is sooooo addictive!! 😉).. Can you elaborate? I didn't know you could hunt down mapping histories so thanks for this I may just do a little digging! Much appreciated!
  14. Guys/Gals, maybe a silly noob question but; if you don't ask right..? 😊 Is there anyway to know/find out if your car has been remapped by a previous owner? Just curious and couldn't find a post relating on google... just pro/con etc to remaps.. As always, your knowledge/experience is very much appreciated! Y'all the best! 🤘 Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  15. Fitted mine a week or so ago, have definitely settled since, its a nice little drop if you cant afford/just don't want or need to go straight down the coilovers route.. and I dunno if it's just me but I feel it's totally transformed the handling! Maybe the previous owner (since I've only had her a month) had it setup for a drop and just put the factory springs back on for sale; but the understeer I was experiencing previously hitting a sharp turn with gusto has halfed at the very least..same to be said for body roll, car definitely rides flatter, firmer and generally feels more planted! Couple shots for you of before/after (can't embed from my phone as far as I know but I'm sure you'll see which is which!) Ps. Losing the wheels soon they're not exactly to my taste!!)