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  1. 1. Silverthorn 2. T4uvp 3. Valy 4. Umster 5. zzIncubus 6. MatthewThain I'm out now Don't F-society; Z-society!
  2. 1. Silverthorn 2. T4uvp 3. Oversteer (tbc) is there a tutorial on how to pronounce it?
  3. What steering wheel is that? Is that the Mishimoto gearknob? Where's the roof spoiler from?
  4. I'm contemplating a similar setup as this @RobPhoboS I'm sold on the Tein S springs as limited drop, previous 350z with these handled much better than my current one (that also has twice the miles and not wearing MPSS, so not a great comparison but feels more unstable, will be doing tyres asap, may be try the GYSS ;) Other options to B6 seem to be Tokico, KYB or even Tein EnduraPro (which are also excellent value) Did you stick with this setup or did you fit some ARBs / coilovers later on?
  5. Haha! Yes it was this morning moving the car! Steering whee too; one thing I missed from the Fiesta ST I had before my first zed; the heated steering wheel! This gearknob has transformed the gearshift. Changes so smoothly, including 1st-2nd when cold
  6. Received & fitted; great service from @kayjay0_7
  7. I had a Corbeau Sprint XL in my Teg and was very comfortable and supportive - just needed a cushion for the tracks that were several hours away! What rail are you using?
  8. No way! I thought they only did competition spec ones, yet here they are! https://www.vibra-technics.co.uk/nissan/350z/610/NIS230M/engine_mount_
  9. Nicely done mate! Which brand are they?
  10. Brilliant! You getting many in Adrian?





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