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  1. 1. Silverthorn 2. T4uvp 3. Valy 4. Umster 5. zzIncubus 6. MatthewThain I'm out now Don't F-society; Z-society!
  2. 1. Silverthorn 2. T4uvp 3. Oversteer (tbc) is there a tutorial on how to pronounce it?
  3. What steering wheel is that? Is that the Mishimoto gearknob? Where's the roof spoiler from?
  4. I'm contemplating a similar setup as this @RobPhoboS I'm sold on the Tein S springs as limited drop, previous 350z with these handled much better than my current one (that also has twice the miles and not wearing MPSS, so not a great comparison but feels more unstable, will be doing tyres asap, may be try the GYSS ;) Other options to B6 seem to be Tokico, KYB or even Tein EnduraPro (which are also excellent value) Did you stick with this setup or did you fit some ARBs / coilovers later on?
  5. Haha! Yes it was this morning moving the car! Steering whee too; one thing I missed from the Fiesta ST I had before my first zed; the heated steering wheel! This gearknob has transformed the gearshift. Changes so smoothly, including 1st-2nd when cold
  6. Received & fitted; great service from @kayjay0_7
  7. I had a Corbeau Sprint XL in my Teg and was very comfortable and supportive - just needed a cushion for the tracks that were several hours away! What rail are you using?
  8. No way! I thought they only did competition spec ones, yet here they are! https://www.vibra-technics.co.uk/nissan/350z/610/NIS230M/engine_mount_
  9. Nicely done mate! Which brand are they?
  10. Brilliant! You getting many in Adrian?
  11. Amazing! Thank you
  12. Bag opened to check correct size for my HR, wasn't, this is for DE engined zeds £19.50 delivered





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