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  1. Hi! Long shot, but I don't suppose the third kit is still available...?
  2. I wonder which size I had on my car then. With the second set I tried sliding the hose about through the loosened p-clips and couldn't find a position where it wouldn't rub on full lock. If I shunted it to not rub on full left lock, it would rub on full right lock, and vice versa. It certainly seemed like the hose was a bit long, but I'm no expert at fitting brake lines. Interesting that you say the issue only started after a while, that's exactly what I had. I reckon it's down to the rubber on the cheapo p-clips perishing over time and allowing the hoses to move. I just hope the hosetechniks solve this.
  3. I think the two brands that follow the original routing are Goodrich and Hosetechnik, but I could be wrong about that. I needed to get my new ones in a hurry so got the Hosetechnik ones from Clark Motorsport who post on this forum. Possibly the bigger question is whether there is really any point in braided hoses. This is the first time I have tried them and I don't think I noticed any significant difference. Certainly not a difference to justify the cost and hassle they have caused!
  4. There's quite a bit of info on the forum, some horror stories and probably plenty of happy customers too. For me, they were fine for 20,000 miles and if I'd been near the garage that fitted them, they new ones would probably still be okay. For me, I sometimes take my car on long trips and a hose rubbing on a wheel on a long motorway trip could see it wear through completely. The hoses themselves seemed fine, but I'm not keen on the way they mount to the car.
  5. Ah too late! Already placed the order with Nissan, I'm afraid :-( Don't have any pics of the HELs, but when they were put on, a few little bits went in the bin which I need to go back to stock (or stock-style) hoses. Not that you asked, but I'm not sure I could really recommend the HELs. They were fitted on mine and were fine for 20,000 miles, but then the rubber in the little p-clips perished or overheated and the lines moved and chafed against the wheels. Result is MOT-failing damaged hoses. I wrote to HEL about it and they were pretty good, sending me a new set of hoses, but the garage that fitted them weren't careful enough with the fitting and managed to chafe the hoses on wheels on their test drive, knackering the new lines! After that, I just decided I couldn't be doing with the fuss of hoses that I have to keep inspecting to see if they're getting damaged, so back to the stock routing for me. Fit and forget. I hope.
  6. Thought this might be the response! No matter, I've ordered the bits from Nissan and am now playing the waiting game...
  7. Hi Due to changing my HEL hoses to Hosetechnik, I am now searching for a pair of the standard front brake hose brackets to secure the hoses correctly to the dampers. Replacement parts from Nissan have a one-month lead time, so thought I'd try on here first. I'm sure a lot of people will have some lying around after changing to braided hoses. It's items 28 and 29 on the parts drawing here: Please, if anyone has a pair of these that they would like rid of, do let me know! Cheers, Ewan
  8. Just to finish, the dampers are all sold and delivered. Thanks for the interest.
  9. Thanks Keyser, always someone helpful and knowledgeable nearby on this forum :-) The dampers are now provisionally sold...
  10. Can't say for sure, but I expect they'd fit. I'm sure there are plenty of people round here who would know for certain. The FAQ doesn't mention any suspension changes between 05 and 06 model years: http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/3856-2006-model-changes/
  11. As these will be a bit of a faff for me to box and post, my lowest price is £40 delivered. I have now opened these up to be free for local collection. I'll leave it like this for a couple of days before I make my trip to the tip Final prices: £40 delivered £0 collected
  12. Okay, so not much interest so far! I need to get rid of these, so if there's no interest in another week or two, it'll be down to the tip for them :-( Opening it up now to offers. Ideal for anyone looking to return a car to standard for sale. In a perfect world I'd keep hold of them for that exact reason, but unfortunately I need the space so they have to go Any takers?
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