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  1. This will fit any model right? I have a HR. Let me know I'll take it if so!! How much postage to MK1? Cheers!
  2. Anyone wanna get rid of theirs? Or know of a good deal? Hit me up!
  3. Sup guys! So.. recently got 4 new rubbers on the Zed, now I've decided to change the wheels.. i know its a bit backwards but ya know I have no idea about wheel sizes/specs tbh so need ya help! Since i dont want to waste the new rubber, how do I know which size wheels to buy based on the size of the tyres? I want to keep them 20s but it' The width etc im stuck on.. For example I'm running right now 255 30 20 front 285 30 20 rears I mean 20 inch is a given, but when it comes to width and all the 8.5 10.5j etc I have no idea! Which wheel size or sizes would I be able to wrap in these? Thanks as always people!
  4. Ok great so they sent me rears then.. looks like I'll be changing all 4 instead of just front then.. so be it.. cheers guys!
  5. Ok so just double checked the website.. they've listed fronts as rears and vice versa I think.. unless I'm mistaken aren't the fronts supposed to be 324mm diameter and the rears 322mm?.. maybe someone could verify this for me and check the website to see if I'm just going crazy or not from brake frustration
  6. Yea I thought about bending it back or maybe even cutting it off but then I thought surely they should fit without any modification to the car itself.. I mean they aren't a BBK or anything ya know.. bought direct from Mtech website..
  7. Hey guys, so attempting to fit some new discs on the Zed, went for the budget option Mtech as funds are tight tight now and I'm not sure if they've sent me the wrong size or I'm missing something here.. Basically the disc itself is scraping on the plate behind it, not sure what it's called so apologies for that! The "bell" of the disc does seem rather bigger than the standard disc and ergo the disc sits further back causing the scraping.. any idea if they have just sent the wrong size? Maybe they sent non-brembo fit or something.. I dunno, any insight much appreciated as always! Thanks!
  8. Awwwww look at him those little legs on that chunky body!! He's adorable!!! Hahahaha I love that last one! He's assumed the "morning after the night before" position! Been there lil dude!! Love it!
  9. Haha thanks! Yea I get ya but I'm sure he appreciates the complement Post up some pics would love to see!! I have a little pied sided blood Red corn, would love a bigger snake but space is limited atm (she says ).. Here he is
  10. UPDATE Now moulted and looking INSANE!! Check out the colours on him now! Even if you don't like spiders ya gotta admit as far as spiders go; he's a beauty!! ...and freakin HUGE now!!
  11. Cheers, thought as much. I checked when cleaning out the battery bay but couldn't find anything.. Don't happen to have one up for grabs do you?? Cheers Alex!
  12. Hey guys, after the few weeks off the road due to the fuel tank fiasco, my Battery is dead as dead can be.. (wasn't in a good place before hand this was just the straw that broke etc...) Had to jump start everyday this week to get to and from work... seriously uncool..!! Anyway.. upon fitting the new battery (Bosch s5 008 96 which is BRILLIANT by the way cranks so fast it's epic!) I found the old battery wasn't locked down as it should be and in turn couldn't lock down the new battery.. The parts of the bracket I have just does not fit to the car, hook in the bottom then the peice over the top.. but nothing to lock into.. These are the parts I have in pic attached.. I feel there is something missing from the back (nearest the windscreen) am I right?? Thanks!!!
  13. 4K1R4-350Z

    MPG PB

    Long run down the M1 hitting 36-40mpg!! Apparently 73mph is the magic number! (The missus took the pics btw! )
  14. Same deal here.. I read on here that the ecu keeps the revs up on cold starts to get everything warmed up so i believe our cars are just getting ready to have some fun with us!
  15. Thanks well only 2 guys.. I wasn't going near it after I made the mess in the first place!! they did a stellar job regardless of the time that's all I really care about, saving a few hundred quid was just a bonus!
  16. UPDATE So, after getting some astronomical quotes from garages for the fuel tank switch (up to a grand!?!?!) I decided to give a mate of mine a call and he was up for the job, he called in another friend and got to work! 2 hours 10 mins later I fired her up (with the new Cobra on I might add )! The guys absolutely smashed it! Couldnt be more pleased beers are definitely on me tonight!! Almost all of the ridiculous quotes from garages were for for 6-8 hours labour.. just shows either how full of it some places are or how they drag out jobs to dive deeper into your wallet! Now back on the road and sounding so much better than before!! Clip to follow tomorrow Missed her so bad.. LOVE IT!!
  17. Haha no need to apologise they aren't for everyone!! Tbh I hated spiders before my first proper one.. still don't like little ones oddly enough! The only thing thats a dissapointment is come feeding time there is no Attenborough voiceover!!
  18. Thanks mate - sounds like a bit of a beast! Yea I mean I had the stands and was just aiming to get them a level higher when it went.. I don't think I'll be doing anything else myself anytime soon, not a cheap mistake after the new tank and a the best part of day at the garage.. learn from ya mistakes n all that ey..
  19. Rehoused my favourite Pampho last week, now in pre-moult, looking plump and ready to get even bigger!!! Currently 8 inch legspan.. BIG spider!
  20. Was using Halfords axle stands which are still looking 100% despite the drop, not bad for a tenner on dad's day special offer.. The Jack on the other hand was a little trolley Jack, it's far from new but I have used it numerous times to lift the Zed without issue but on this occasion, maybe due to an uneven surface, it just buckled and kinda folded in half.. something like this generic pic i just found online..
  21. Thanks man. Yea I've been looking through the service manual and either way it's a little terrifying.. if I do it myself I'll probably be way in over my head & if I give it to a shop then the Labour could put me in over my head too..! We'll see how brave I feel when replacement is delivered! Big thanks to ZMANALEX for hooking me up so quickly!





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